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Biosecurity in Pets keeping

Updated on September 15, 2011


the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases is to eradicate or exclude the pathogens causing the diseases, most times this is highly impossible or not practicable,it now become proper to control infectious agent by minimizing the Risk factors , by Risk factors, I mean circumstances around your pets(dog,cat) that favours spread of diseases.this is of utmost important since these animals are closer to us physically as companion animals ,emotionally through the psychological stress we go through when they are ill and most importantly some of the diseases that affect these animals affect man also. That is zoonoses diseases(diseases that man get from animals as a result of their close association with them).

Biosecurity is anything we do to prevent the spread of pathogens(harmful microbes) and other harmful agents or materials from an infected animals( pets ) to a susceptible non infected healthy pets(animals).

The aim of biosecurity is to prevent transmission of diseases among animal. Whatever I do to keep my pet saved from coming down with diseases that are endemic in the environment is what we are talking about in biosecurity .These involve a lot of interrelated processes since these diseases sometime involve interactions of microbes, have complex origin, some there are no know therapy for them .You just management them syptomatically(most viral diseases),

Advantages of good biosecurity programme

Improve animal health and welfare

Reduce veterinary cost

Reduce emotional stress due to pet illness

Componet of good pet biosecurity programme

Good housing

Balance and healthy nutrition

Good sanitation

Routine veterinary check up

Routine vaccination or immunization

Routine deworming.

Get your pet from good pedigress with good record of health.

Strict pest control programme.

Control wildlife vector.

Biosecurity in pet keeping

Diseases that may affect your pet when you don't keep a good biosecurity programme,

the list are almost endless as your pets are susceptible to all classes of diseases for example

Bacterial diseases these includes ,anthrax, botulism salmonellosis,staphylococcal infections.e.t.c

Viral diseases;Rabies,Canine distemper,Feline panleukopaenia virus e.t.c

Protozoan diseases;Babesiosis ,trypanosomiasis e.t.c

Fungi disesase; dermatophytosis,Candidiasis, e.t.c

Ricketsia diseases;Anaplasmoses,

Helminthiasis;Nematodes infections,cestodes infections,


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