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Book Review-Defining Gravity Series by Genevieve Mckay

Updated on June 3, 2019
Ellison Hartley profile image

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.

About The Series and Main Charachter

This is another series of books that I have recently read. Most of them I find because my kindle recommends them to me. My kindle knows me well, and always recommends horse books.

Defining Gravity is a four book series. The main character, Astrid, is super talented at archery until she has an unfortunate accident that keeps her from being able to do it. Astrid is typically the type to not get into trouble since she is afraid of her father. Her father is very controlling and critical.

Book 1

In book one, Astrid makes a quick impulsive decision, leading to her injury and being grounded for the summer. She was also told she had to get a job!

Astrid's friend Hilary, rides horses at very fancy dressage stable nearby. Hilary insists that Astrid could get a job there over the summer. Initially resistant to the idea, since she knows nothing about horses, Astrid did take the job.

She became part of a barn family and learned to ride on a horse named Quarry. Astrid was finally feeling happier and less critical of herself. Everything was good until her Dad gets involved and threatens to take away everything that has made her so happy finally.

Book 2

Astrid ends up being sent to live with her Aunt, in Northern Canada. A woman who has been estranged from her life as long as she can remember. Astrid goes without complaint knowing that she will be far away from her father.

Life on a working ranch was ever more than she expected. Her new school has a failing archery team that she is dedicated to reviving. Also, she makes the best horse friends with a horse named Red. A horse that was notoriously lazy.

Book 3

In this book, Astrid moves back to her home in Vancouver with her new horse red. Turns out nothing much has changed there. Archery isn't going as well as planned. Being back with Hilary just isn't the same. Her horse, Red and her friend Rob are the things she is holding onto most in her life.

Astrid realizes that she is at a point that she has to stand up for herself. Even though he fears that doing so might cause her to lose everything she thinks she has left.

Book 4

Astrid is now 16, living with Hilary's family on their new estate. Astrid is finally away from her overbearing parents. Hilary has gotten hurt and pretty much left all the farm work on Astrid.

She is still trying to get back into archery. Which isn't going so well, thanks to a girl named Miranda. Who seems to have it in for Astrid. Dealing with Hilary's mood swings and taking care of the horses is a full-time job in its self.

This is the story of Astrid feeling like she has to make a choice between two things. The thing she has always loved, archery, and the thing she has grown to love, horses.

I Hope That You Enjoy These Books As Much As I Did!

I hope that you enjoy these books as much as I did!

Get The Whole Series On Amazon


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