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Updated on August 6, 2008

Boy Dog Names - Introduction

Boy dog names is a broad subject to cover, just as there are many breeds of dogs, there are many boy dog names that are popular by breed. For example, the most popular US names for the Golden Retriever are Goldie and Sandy. This illustrates how the physical appearance of the dog affects the popularity list of names. For instance, the most popular US names for Teacup dogs therefore include Tiny in the top ten list, although some owners with large dogs show off their sense of humor by also calling their male hound dog Tiny as well!

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Boy Dog Names

The lists of boy dog names is numerous as all you have to do to get multiple lists of boy dog names is key the search term "boy dog names" into your favorite search engine bar and hit enter. You will be inundated with many different lists of boy dog names in the search results. I will not try to copy those lists here, nor will I try to tell you which is the best list as that is of course, up to you as you want to find a name that makes you and your dog happy.

Here is a nice little list of the Top Ten Most Popular Boy Dog Names. Knowing what other people are naming their boy dogs is a good place to start thinking about boy dog names.

Here goes:

1. Max

2. Sam

3. Buddy

4. Jake

5. Ben

6. Duke

7. Rocky

8. Toby

9. Bailey

10. Buster

When one looks at the list above, it jumps out at you that most of the popular names are short and easily recognizable by a dog. Different breeds of dogs have names which differ in popularity. For instance the most popular US names for a Golden Retriever are Goldie and Sandy, while you will find the name Tiny on the list of popular names for Teacup dogs. Of course, some dog owners with large dogs show off their sense of humor by naming their dogs Tiny as well!

When you are thinking of a name for your boy dog, here are some things to consider:

- One should keep boy dog names short, preferably one or two syllables.

- The name you give your boy dog should not sound like any other name within your family or among your friends, or total confusion will result.

- The name you give your boy dog should not sound like a command, or even more confusion will arise!

- A cute, exotic, or cool boy dog name may be great for a little puppy, but will the name be suitable for a full grown male dog?

- Do you want a descriptive name for your dog, will you watch your dog for a while to figure out his personality before giving him a name that reflects his personality?

- Does your boy dog have distinctive markings on his coat, or is his size unusual, does he have any distinct attributes that you want to name him after?

- Does your dog remind you of anyone famous? Does he look like a celebrity that you want to name him after?

- Will your boy puppy become a working dog of some sort when he is grown? Why not give him a working or hunting name if that is what he will be doing?

- You can always keep it simple and name your boy dog after his sex with names like "Boy" and "Fella".

- What is the place of origin of your boy dog's breed? You can always give him a name in a foreign language which reflects his breed.

All in all, once you name your boy dog, soon the name will fit him like a glove. You will hardly remember the time when you were browsing through dog names looking for a name for him.

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