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Breeding Cichlids Fish

Updated on September 20, 2010

Breeding Cichlids Fish

Cichlid breeding stands out as really easy with some species and highly difficult with others. If you do take good care of your fish though you will see that even the tough cases can become easy. It is highly important to keep mating conditions as good as possible so that cichlids can remain healthy. This will allow the elimination of mating problems.

One really important breeding fact for cichlids fish is maintaining them in proper shape. First you will have to buy a good filter. If you want to eliminate water pollutants this will be crucial. Also, it is recommended to buy a filter and always change the water regularly. At every point in time a cichlid diet has to remain properly balanced.

You do need to keep the fish at optimum health as that is the only time when they will mate. Also, a lot of females never eat while incubation period appears. In different cases this will last up to one month. Only fish with good health will manage to go through such a long food abstence period. We do recommend fhat each male is put in the same tank with many females. Such a fact is to lower aggressiveness levels. Also, the importance of the diet is also impacting breeding speed. Much protein has to be supplied while breeding season lasts.

In the event that you are looking to build a very good cichlids breeding environment it is your responsability to do a proper research. The reason for this is that species that are different also breed differently. One common aspect though is that cichlids tend to be very territorial. Many breeders will fail because they are not aware of the perfect mating conditions. Do not make the same mistake.

You can harvest and raise cichlids in many different ways. You should know that the best possible way is to allow mothers to naturally do what they are doing but in separate tanks. Males might eat the fry. This is why you need to be extremelly careful at all times. Most fry can easily grow fast but only if the water conditions are proper and we have a well balanced diet. We can say that cichlid breeding is difficult but you can master it if you are patient enough.


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