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Bubba On His Own

Updated on July 23, 2017

A Bubba the Cat story: Where Are My Servants?

Bubba woke up and stretched. He thought about turning around in his comfy spot and going back to sleep, but he listened but could not hear a single sound in the house. This warranted investigation.

Jumping down from the folded blanket on the bed, Bubba exited the bedroom and stopped again outside the door. He listened carefully again but still heard nothing in the house. He decided he must check this out.

Bubba first investigated the hall bathroom but found nothing other than his usual litter box. There were no damp towels drying, no lingering moisture in the air, no smell of the stinky things his servants usually sprayed on their bodies in the morning. He realized the two had not been there all night and he became more perplexed. He knew he had not approved their absence.

Continuing down the hall, Bubba came to the living room, which contained his warm fireplace, his cushion and a nice window overlooking the world, from which he could be entertained for hours. But there was still no sign of his servants.

Perplexed, Bubba proceeded to the kitchen. He examined his food bowl and water first. They were both acceptably filled and fresh. At least some things were going as normal.

Bubba decided to take a nap on the kitchen table since there was no one there to deny him the pleasure. He made himself comfortable in a sunny spot and settled in for a nice nap.

After a couple of hours, King Bubba raised his head, yawned hugely and licked his lips before getting up. Strangely, there was still no sign of his servants. This was peculiar because he knew this was a day when they would usually be home waiting to cater to his every whim.

Jumping down from the table, he strolled casually back to the living room, checked out his favorite window spot and saw the people, animals and birds he usually enjoyed watching, After watching just a few minutes, he walked down the hall to the bathroom again to visit his facilities.

Relieved, Bubba paused to knead the bath mat before continuing down the hall to the bedroom once again, where he resumed his position on the the folded blanket.

Attempting to understand his servants' strange absence, Bubba recalled other instances when he had encountered these same circumstances and deduced that his servants had temporarily abandoned him to pursue their own agenda.

Considering this mind-boggling situation, Bubba was astounded he didn't recall this sooner. Judging from the small amount of food left out for him, he only had to wait and they would return to cater to his needs and whims soon.

Relieved by his recollection of past absences, Bubba ambled up to the head of the bed and kneaded himself a very comfy place to sleep on his female servant's pillow. She didn't like him to sleep on her pillow and he knew it. Acceptable revenge.

Judy Ward


Dedicated to Bubba's servants, who know who they are.


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    • profile image

      jameshmundyiv 6 months ago

      Warm story. Sometimes we don't realize they are sentient beings just like us and experience loneliness and all the other feelings we humans feel. Aside from routine. We have 5 and they are comfy everywhere and are treated as humans with emotions. The hard part is communication skills.......I study Big Cats and much is documented on them, not much different than domestics. You are obviously an animal person and good for you and your kitty. I am on Facebook for my background authenticity.