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Bulldogs for Sale: What to Watch

Updated on August 24, 2019
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Miel is a licensed teacher, a "Jane-of-all-trades" master of none, with a passion for writing.


Bulldogs For Sale

The thought of you playing with a pet dog is very delightful, knowing that you can play fetch, settle, and have fun with one of man’s best friends. Pups come in all shapes, forms, sizes, and they’re ready to share moments with you and your family. Though in this article, we’ll focus on one of the unique and loveable breeds that you can play with, which is the ever-adorable bulldogs for sale.

A short history about Bulldogs

These bulldogs for sale are cute, stocky and fuzzy lugs of fur are warm towards their masters since they are very loving and forgiving towards humans. Though they also have a very confrontational past, they were doggies used for bullfights in ancient times due to their braveness. Later on, bullfighting was illegal, and these hounds became very tame and friendly domesticated pets.

They weren’t bullfighters, but instead, they were bull-baiters, helping to engage the bull and to call its attention due to its brave nature. Though in contrast, the loving and forgiving nature of the bulldog is what makes up for those years of bravery. Not to mention that they can make you laugh a lot.


Another benefit of having one of those Bulldogs would be it has a very caring nature towards the elderly and the little children. Also, these mutts have won best in a show in several competitions around the world. It is even the choice of some presidents, namely president Warren G. Harding. Bulldogs are so adorable that they are found everywhere. From mascots to movies and even television shows, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most popular tail-waggers in America.

The downsides of a Bulldog

Like any pooch that brings a bundle of joy, they would have some things that you need to know beforehand. Now, before you hand over the money to the pet store’s cashier for one of those bowwows for sale, some bulldogs would tend to bite themselves, especially when there is skin irritation.

To avoid skin irritation, you can use the Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Antiparasitic and Antiseborrheic Medicated Shampoo for Dogs. It's fast-acting but gentle healing.

Another downside is that because of genetics and poor breeding from previous generations of bulldogs, and you would need more than a typical veterinarian, you’ll need a specialized bulldog veterinarian that can take care of your bulldog’s illnesses. Another thing to consider is the 8 to 10-year lifespan, so think very carefully if you want to take care of that cute man’s best friend in the long run. Make sure to coddle it and give it love that it needs.

The essentials for your Bulldog

It would be nice to travel with your new companion, though if you are going to another city or even another country, you’ll need to make sure that the kennel for your pup (whether it’s handmade or store-bought) must be of an absolute crate measurement that uses a 30-inch width, a 42-inch length and that the height itself should be 12-inches. But, if you want something bigger, you can always opt for the 2-door Training Retreat Wire Kennel.

It should be big enough where your doggy can walk a circle within it. And after that, your hound will be able to waltz around the kennel happily, where it can have its own comfort zone while travelling.

An in-depth look into the bulldog’s temperament

The temperament of this puppy is very protective of their masters. They know what they are and are assured of what they can do to protect their masters from harm. They can sense your moods whenever something happens.

They are quick to notice even the smallest details in the house. They love certainty in their domesticated comfort zones. And they also weigh out their moves before they make a move at any moment. You would think that they are lazy, but they’re calculated in what they would do.


They are one-of-a-kind, and even with their ups, downs, and quirks, bulldogs are very adorable, and it is up to you to choose whether you want to be best friends with then or now.

Though with what you have seen, you might consider a different decision when you come to the pet store next time and see that “bulldogs for sale” sign once more. Just remember, you need to be very prepared and have everything all set before you make that big commitment.

All About Living With English Bulldogs

© 2019 Miel Reyes


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