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Button the cat goes to heaven

Updated on December 2, 2012

Button floated away from his lifeless body, and into the sky, feeling no pain. He was slightly scared as he ascended, but curious, as most cats are. Eventually, he got to a colorful bridge that looked like a rainbow. A young, soft-spoken angel greeted Button and told him not to be afraid and to walk on the bridge. Other animals were going that way, and Button gingerly followed along. Then, as he got halfway across, he felt completely healthy and whole, so he started running, and at the other end of the bridge, he saw a wonderful sight.

There was a field with lush, green grass, tall, tall trees that provided plenty of shade, a babbling brook with plenty of fresh water, and other cats, dogs, and assorted animals playing and basking in the warm sunshine.

Button ran around as he did when he was young, feeling alive and happy. He spotted some little trees and alternated climbing one, then running down it, and climbing another, and repeating the process for a ilttle while. It sure was fun!

His heart was racing, his body was strong and painfree. He couldn't believe how well he felt. There was so much to do here, and he was gonna do it. Button made the acquaintance of some other cats, playing with them and exchanging sniffs. He then ate some grass and went down to the brook, drinking the cool, clear water. It tasted so good that he greedily drank as much as he could. Then he walked underneath a tall tree and sat with another cat as they observed a kitten playing with a leaf. The kitten was dancing all around it as the gentle breeze blew it from here to there. He would move from side to side, and Button and his new kitty friend shook their heads from side to side to watch the kitten trying to figure out what to do with this piece of foliage.

The kitten went onto something else, so Button stretched out under the tree and took a nap. He enjoyed a peaceful rest, without pain.

He awoke sometime later, feeling refreshed, but he suddenly stirred. Something compelled him to move away from his new kitty friends and race over top of a hill. So Button started running, gingerly at first, then as he went over top of the hill, a little faster. He found another hill, heard people talking and laughing, and knew he had to go a little farther, over to that second hill. So he ran a little faster, as fast as his healthy legs could take him.

In the meantime, my Mom was sitting on a comfy love seat, talking to her cousin Nancy and her Aunt Dell. ( Mom's cat Miss Daisy was lying off to the side, and Smudgie, one of Aunt Dell's cats, was sunning himself and purring. The other two women were sitting in large, oversized chairs, a pitcher of lemonade and a plate of homemade cookies on a small end table. They were talking about all sorts of things when Nancy said, "Oh, Barbara, look at that gray cat coming up here!" Button stopped in his tracks, and stared as if he didn't believe what he was seeing.

My Mom started to cry tears of joy. "Oh, Button, come over here!" Button's heart raced with joy as he made his way over to Mom. He looked up at the love seat, and Mom said, "Come on, Button! You can come up here!" And with that, Button leapt on the love seat, settled in Mom's lap, and purred so loud that he could be heard a mile away.

Mom said, "This is Button. He was my last cat on Earth. He's a bit persnickety, but he's a good cat." Nancy gushed, "Oh, he's beautiful, Barbara!" And Aunt Dell smiled, saying, "Barbara, that cat loves you. You can tell how much he does,..."

Mom continued to rub under Button's chin, saying "That's Mommy's Button. I didn't expect you here so soon, but I'm glad you're here."

And Button realized everything was going to be all right. He was safe in my mother's arms. With that, he took a relaxing nap, free of pain, and bathed in love.


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