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The Best Metal Dog Cage, Steel Crate and Play Pen

Updated on April 8, 2011

Dog Cage- Dog Crate

If you want to buy a quality dog crate or cage for under $100 then you have landed on the right page.

In this article I will review the best dog cages for under $100.

If you have read my dog training articles; you will know that I am not a fan of locking dogs up in cages for long periods of time. A dog cage should only be used for the following reasons:

  • Training a new puppy- can be used for the first few weeks in his new home as the crate becomes a place of safety
  • To separate more than one dog if you are a dog trainer
  • To secure your dog if you have to be separated for short periods of time
  • To transport a dog in your car
  • A place for your dog to get away from it all and have his own place of quiet and safety

Never use a dog cage as a place of punishment, he should enjoy and feel comfortable going in his crate.

When you are in the house with your dog always leave the cage door open so he can go in and out as he pleases, this will help prevent separation anxiety when you are not there and the cage is closed.

From here on in we will look at the best 5 dog cages for under $100 but before we do take a quick look at the dog crate training video below.

Crate Training Video

Midwest Life Stages Fold Down Metal Dog Cage

Midwest Dog Crates

Midwest make a range of quality dog cages and dog crate accessories.

Features include:

  • Range of sizes
  • Durable well designed
  • Easy clean base pan
  • Satin black coating
  • Simple set up and fold down
  • Easy storage
  • Complete with divider panel
  • Accessories available
  • Wheels Available

Midwest life stage dog cages are an ideal choice for your dog and at affordable prices.

Precision Pet Product Dog Cage

This dog cage offers exceptional value for money. Your dog will soon make this cage his new safe place.

Precision Pet dog cages incorporate the following features:

  • Range of sizes to fit all dog breeds
  • Easy clean design
  • Quick set up and break down
  • Comes complete with divider panel
  • Dog crate training guide included
  • Removable washable base pan

This dog cage affords your dog a 360 degree view, sturdy wire construction with 2 doorways for ease of access.


Large 3 Door Dog Cage from Best Pet

Here we have a versatile sturdy dog crate, 3 door design makes it an ideal choice for every situation.

Best Pet dog cages are known for their sturdy construction and value for money.

  • Touch metal
  • Powder coated
  • Large base pan
  • Easy clean
  • Two bolt catches on each door

Will accept a full range of accessories.

Dog Digs Lightweight Dog Crate

If ease of transport is a priority when buying a dog crate then this lightweight dog cage is for you.

Made from strong steel this patented design is a multifunctional dog crate suitable for dogs up to 100lbs.

With front and top opening doors it is ideal for home or on the road.

Made with easily clean fabric for that fresh smell whatever the environment.


Collapsible Dog Crates from Guardian Gear

Guardian Gear Collapsible Dog Crates.

  • Travel in Comfort and Style
  • Water Resistant
  • Mesh Windows
  • Great Ventilation
  • Comfort Mat
  • Velcro fastening for ease of use

An ideal travel mate for you and your dog.

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