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Buy pet supplies at Discount prices and Save $$$

Updated on June 9, 2010

As a pet owner you may be spending quite a bit of money on pet supplies. This can take a sizable bite out of the budget If your not careful in what you spend.

Did you know that you can get discounts on just about anything if look for them. Pet items are no different. I have found that I save a lot of money by purchasing Pet toys at discount stores and I buy my pet's food in bulk. You can also find great deals online by simply typing "discount Pet supplies" into the search bar. Little items such as doggie sweaters and larger items like a dog house can often be found for sale in the classifieds. A gently used second hand item can mean big savings for you. Just be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect any used items you purchase to make sure your pet is protected from any germs or unhealthy bacteria that may be lingering on the items.

Be creative and take time to compare prices, it can really make a difference in your budget. And remember your pet really doesn't care whether his items are brand name or not.


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    • jjmyles profile image

      jjmyles 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      Thanks for the link Ed.

    • profile image

      Ed 5 years ago

      I found some great deals at