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Thinking of Buying a Dog Backpack?

Updated on December 31, 2014
Granite Gear Alpha Dog Backpack
Granite Gear Alpha Dog Backpack

Dog backpacks are a great investment and will definitely enhance your hiking experience with your dog or dogs.If you're reading this article though, I probably don't need to convince you why a dog backpack is a good thing, but instead help steer you towards to ideal pack for your best friend.. So let's get to it.

Buyer's Guide

Let's begin. When choosing a dog backpack there are a group of categories you'll want to think about to assist you with making the best purchase. Initially, you want to decide what cost range you are alright with, then decide what the reason is for the pack, third you want to select the right size for your pooch, and finally be aware of which features are available. We will take a look at these categories in the below section..


When it comes to cost, there are two price ranges to be aware of, those for low-end backpacks and those for high-end backpacks. The low-end packs are anywhere from $30 to the high $70s while the high-end packs are $80 to $125. In the low-end range you're going to see packs that have are single-purpose with a pretty basic design while the high-end range are multi-purpose and come with a more complicated design. An example of low-end packs are some of the packs made by Kyjen, while an example of the high-end packs are made by Ruff Wear. The good thing to know is that you can find a high quality dog backpack in the low-end or high-end price range. In other words being in a low-end price range doesn't necessarily reflect a lower grade pack.

Reason for pack:

You want to be sure to get the right kind of pack for the reason intended. If you're looking for a pack that is for short walks or trips downtown you're going to be interested in a day-hike/short-distance pack while if you're hoping to go on overnight hikes in rough back-country, you're going to want a multi-day/long-distance pack. You can also find a few dual-purpose packs which can be used for either purpose.

Size: Next, you want to establish the right size pack for your dog's build. You have to be careful here as the sizes are not consistent between makers. I suggest either having your pet dog try out the pack while in the retail store or if your buying over the internet to consult the sizing guide on the seller's site. The sizing guide ought to supply you with ideas on how to measure your pet's width in addition to body length and help determine which size matches up with these proportions.

Features: There are a variety of features that tend to be offered with dog backpacks that may appeal to your interest. Some of the features are unique to the vendor while other capabilities become obtainable in the higher amount selection. A couple of feature examples are: removable saddle bags, reflective strip, built-in water bladder, D-ring with regard to leash use, haul handle, etc.

I hope that this guide helps you in your pursuit of choosing the right dog backpack.

Gavin Donst is an avid hiker who lives in Colorado and frequently hikes the great trails in the Rockies with his loveable German Shepherd.


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