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Puddles - the cutest, cuddliest, stealer of hearts pup

Updated on November 30, 2016


Hi, I'm Belle, and I love everyone.
Hi, I'm Belle, and I love everyone. | Source


Belle is so cute, she looks like a rug

She goes for a walk and was nice to the pug

He barked and yapped and was annoying as hell

Belle strolled on by, head held high

She’s the best dog ever, she checks in with me

Smiling at her momma as she squats to go pee

She looks up as we walk to make sure I am near,

I give her the go ahead and she knows she is in the clear

She trots her little trot and wiggles her butt

She eats so much food but she is not a mutt

She’s the doodliest of doodles

Part poodle plus retriever

Sometimes when she’s wet resembling a beaver

She was born on Valentine's day and is a kissy kissy girl

She gives lovins to all, and loves playing ball

She jumps and goes crazy when she first sees you

Her bladder control is still improving-- we call her Puddles

Snow baby.
Snow baby. | Source

She wines like a baby and humps our leg

She’s only 5 months old so it’s okay I’ve been told

We love her dearly and she’s being good

She lies out in the grass chewing wood

When we first got her she was so sick

A couple times we found in her fur a tick

We removed it so gently, right down to her skin

Lit him on fire and banished him

So we changed up her diet and now she’s doing great

She’s got her commands down like “sit”, “stay” and “wait”

Her favorite pastime is chasing the birds

We’re grateful she doesn’t eat her own turds

She also wants to play with the squirrels

Each day we get into our quarrels

She says “momma please, I want to be their friend”

I know she would be the best ear to lend

It’s just she is so feisty, just a young puppet

Some of the neighbors call her a muppet

Belle at the beginning was a great stress

We tried and we tried to provide her the best

With activity and treats

and plenty of good eats

And hugs and lovins galore and always looking for more

When she was so sick we quickly changed her diet

Had to find out what would be the best so we can buy it

She’s now thriving on Blue Buffalo food

Sometimes she has a little bit of a tude

It’s usually in check and she saves it for her mommy and dad

But after that is done she looks a bit sad

For she didn’t mean to be a pain

And drive everyone insane

She’s a sweet pup and needs her space too

Sometimes life gets hectic and feels like a zoo

She runs into a quiet space and slips to the floor

But remains where she can see me through the crack in the door

She’s my first puppy and doggy at that

I didn’t know what to do when she came up to bat

A little bundle of joy, we bought all the toys

Belle is a sweet girl and lures all the boys

Such difficulties a dog must face when travelling the streets

Day to day routine, scouring for good eats

Saying hello to everyone who approaches

With us to guide as her parental coaches

“Be good, Belle” and simple reminders

to help her to be my puppy– a real one-of-a-kinder

What's your favorite pet?

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© 2016 emilybee


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    • emilybee profile imageAUTHOR


      19 months ago

      Wow! 2 years old! She is now 9 months - I wrote this this summer and forgot to post it! She is doing really well with potty training - an accident maybe once every 2 weeks in the house... only when we are not paying attention to her signals! Hope it improves for you!

    • lions44 profile image

      CJ Kelly 

      19 months ago from Auburn, WA

      Great stuff. I have a 2 year toy poodle who still pottys everywhere. We've even had an animal behaviorist come over for weeks. "Teddy" just mocks us all.

      Sharing everywhere. Thx.


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