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Can Dogs Survive Cancer?

Updated on June 23, 2014

Dog's Can Survive Cancer

Cancer in canines is based on the same theories as cancer in humans. When cells multiply uncontrollably, tumors can form and those tumors can be cancerous. But even if you best friend is diagnosed with cancer, all is not lost.

The truth is that the discoveries of Dr. Otto Warburg about cancer are as true today as they day he was awarded the Nobel Prize. Dr. Warburg proved that sugar can cause, and is the primary source of food for cancer cells. In fact his discoveries have been used as the basis for new cancer techniques today like the PET scan.

It stands to reason that if sugar causes and feeds cancer, that sugar in your dogs diet may exacerbate the problem. Many alternative canine cancer sites warn pet owners to reduce the amount of sugar in your dog's diet and with good reason.

If you dog has been diagnosed with cancer, then you should severely restrict and reduce your dog's intake of simple carbohydrates and sugars, as well as implementing other nutritional strategies to help your dog fight the disease.

Lethargy may be a sign of canine cancer

Photo by Lea Cannon, Wikimedia CC
Photo by Lea Cannon, Wikimedia CC | Source

Learn what to look for

Tumors most often appear as lumps or bumps on your pet. That is why its important to check your beloved canine regularly for any new lumps or bumps and if you find any, you should consider a veterinary appointment as soon as possible.

Other indications that all is not well may include:

  • Sudden decrease in activity
  • Bleeding for no reason
  • Changes in breath and bad breath
  • Changes in eating habits and gum health
  • Sudden swollen stomach or distended belly
  • Loss of weight for no good reason

Happy and Healthy

A happy dog is a healthy dog
A happy dog is a healthy dog | Source

Canine Cancer Alternatives

Have you or would you consider "alternative/Natural" methods to help you dog fight cancer?

See results

Dietary changes and Remedies

Sugar is not the only thing you can do to improve your pet's chances of beating canine cancer. The good news is that the canine diet and human diet are similar to a large degree and nutrients, herbs, foods and supplements that have been found to naturally fight the disease in humans also apply to your pet.

Garlic has powerful anti-cancer properties. Adding a clove of garlic a day to your dog's foods can help unleash the power of garlic to fight the disease.

Essiac Tea
Nurse Essiac was famous for her herbal remedy that fought cancer. You can find Essiac tea on the market and supplementing your dog's intake with Essiac tea can help your dog fight the disease.

Turmeric is a powerful almost anti-everything spice. As a powerful Ayurveda spice and medication, Turmeric has powerful anti-cancer properties. Turmeric is the yellow spice found in curries but it has been found to help inflammation, pain and cancer and you can add generous amounts of turmeric to your dog's nutritional intake to help fight canine cancer.

Ensuring your dog gets sufficient vitamins and minerals is also important if you want to help your canine fight the disease. Vitamin A, C, E, Selenium and Iron are essential for overall health and are especially important in the fight against cancer.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Antioxidants like Omega 3 Fatty acids also play a very important role in helping your dog beat cancer. Omega 3 supplements or foods high in Omega 3's like Salmon and Tuna may be helpful and you can add small amount of these foods to your dog's diet.

Make sure your dog gets a good high quality source of proteins. Proteins are essential for the production of Amino Acids and increasing the source of proteins will help you dog to restore a healthy immune system The immune system will help fight the disease naturally.

Fats are also essential for a healthy immune system in both humans and canines. Making sure your dog has a good healthy amount of fats in their diet can help to boost the immune system and fight cancer. Fats are a great source of of DHA anti-inflammatories that fight cancer. A great source for these fats include algae.


  • Canine cancer is increasing
  • Dogs are more likely to develop cancer as they age
  • Cats have fewer incidences of cancer than dogs

Cachexia and Wasting Disease

Dogs that have cancer may begin to waste away. This wasting disease is called cachexia and is caused by the cancer cells which begin to steal all of the available glucose from the healthy normal cells within the body. This means that the healthy cells do not have the energy to repair themselves or to fight the disease.

Cachexia can be treated with a nutritional supplement called hydrazine sulfate. Dr Joseph Gold discovered hz in the 1970s and hz is used in Russia as a palliative treatment for Cachexia.

Cachexia can be avoided by diagnosing the disease early and by adding nutrients and foods that will help to support your dog's immune system.

Signs and Solutions

Lumps or bumps
Remove sugar
Essiac Tea
Bad breath
Reduce simple carbs
Sudden decline in activity
Substitute complex carbs for simple carbs
Signs and symptoms to look for and what can help you beat canine cancer

Canine Cancer Diet

Canine Cancer Diet Options

Diet plays a huge role in cancer - both the development and treatment of the disease. Learn about the dietary implications of cancer in dogs and see how one man's diet changes saved his beloved dog.

Man's best friend

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Learn to listen to your dogMake sure your dog is happyWatch for sudden lack of energy
Learn to listen to your dog
Learn to listen to your dog
Make sure your dog is happy
Make sure your dog is happy
Watch for sudden lack of energy
Watch for sudden lack of energy

Canine Cancer - Do Your Research

There is an abundant amount of information on the web that will help you to help your best friend fight and beat the disease. There is no replacement for love, knowledge and nutrition and to always keep a positive outlook. Canine cancer can be beaten and your dog deserves the best chance to beat the disease.


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