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Cat Boarding In Kuala Lumpur

Updated on April 14, 2016

Cat owners looking for temporary boarding facilities where their cats will be well taken care of in their absence need look no further. We are KL's premier pet hotel, offering a safe, friendly environment for your beloved pets with good food, friends and plenty of room to play in. When you leave your cats in our care, you can do so with complete faith in the fact that they are in the care of people who love animals as much as you do.

Services we offer

Our facilities for cat boarding in KL are the choice of hundreds of cat lovers in the city. We offer the following elements and services to make the time your cat spends with us, away from you, stress-free and happy.

Clean, hygienic environment: We make sure that our cat hotel keeps its guests in the best possible health. For this, we keep the facilities well-ventilated and also clean with eco-friendly disinfectants to ensure your cats are safe throughout their stay.Qualified pet enthusiasts: For the health and well-being of your pets, we also make sure that everyone on our team is an animal enthusiast. We have fully qualified groomers and caretakers to take care of the daily grooming and other needs of your pets. We also have qualified instructors who teach the team to become more responsible and attuned to the needs of the cats that come to stay with us. We are also constantly learning new innovations in treatment to make sure that your pet receives the best treatment and medical care, should any be needed.Experienced vets: We also have on our team an expert panel of vets who are highly experienced in their field. They are available within easy distance of our pet hotel, so that they can attend to the cats on our premises at the earliest in case of emergencies.CCTV Monitoring: We keep close watch on the inmates of our hotel with the help of CCTV, in order to understand the behavior of your pet. This helps us to give it the best care, according to its personality or needs.Comfortable Accommodation: We strive to make the accommodation that we offer your cat as comfortable as possible. In our efforts to make our cat hotel a home away from home for your feline friend, we offer a variety of room types ranging from air-conditioned to rooms with window views and so on.

At our pet hotel, we accept all pets including those that have special needs or are disabled. To keep our premises safe and healthy for all pets, we only require that they possess complete vaccination before they come to stay. The last vaccination should have been given within twelve months before their stay at our pet hotel.

We promise that our premises are free of fleas and ticks. We inspect your pets before accepting them and apply flea and tick treatments before allowing them into our hotel.

To find out how we can help you and your pet enjoy a great holiday, call us today. We pride ourselves for being one of the best cat hotels in KL. At our place, your cat will enjoy regular coat brushing, playtime and social interaction, with humans, exercise with other cats, three healthy meals a day and more.


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