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Cat Breed Types: Barn Cats

Updated on January 11, 2012
She is a good 14 feet, or more, off the ground here. Skittys' late momma, went up a tree after an O' Possum. Her daddy often fought grown raccoons off their food and territory. She is a wonderful hunter and a real asset to our little farm.
She is a good 14 feet, or more, off the ground here. Skittys' late momma, went up a tree after an O' Possum. Her daddy often fought grown raccoons off their food and territory. She is a wonderful hunter and a real asset to our little farm. | Source

With over one hundred recognized breeds of cats, it is clear felines are a popular pet. Just like dogs, each breed has its own unique characteristics and ups and downs. Read on for the first Hub on future highlighted breeds, some you may have never heard of.

This hub is about my own love for barn cats. A wonderful mix of many breeds!

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Calico Mutt Cat, Aine.
Calico Mutt Cat, Aine. | Source
Aine On the Hunt.
Aine On the Hunt. | Source
Potential Barn Cat Prey?
Potential Barn Cat Prey? | Source
Panner, The King!
Panner, The King! | Source

Barn Cats

About Barn Cats/Mutt Cats

The cat pictured at right is one of my mousers, Aine. She is hyper, silly, and very high-strung. Being rather short-coated, her grooming needs are non-existent. She is a yard cat and gets most of her food from wild game.

Though they are mutts, I have carefully chosen which of my cats are allowed to breed. My intent was not to have a pure-bred feline, but some that provide true, killer instinct. My cats kill full-sized rabbits, squirrels, attack possums and even raccoons.

The trick to breeding barn cats is to breed only the fittest animals. Do not breed cats you have to medicate, like those that get an infection and never really fight it off on their own. Barn cats have one job to do, kill. They are supposed to kill vermin that destroy your crops and stored foods. Good barn cats keep your family and livestock healthy.

If a cat must be pampered, medicated and constantly fed to keep it in good health, it is not going to be a very strong barn cat.

These mutt cats are real homestead barn cats. They may not be papered, but each year we manage to sell off the kittens we do not want. People are pleased with their killer instincts and ability to hunt, and kill, at a very young age.

My cats have never gotten very sick and only get wormed and vaccinated. There have been no reasons to medicate them for injuries. Some people call their health "Hybrid Vigor".

They have a close pride, and they hunt either alone or in groups, just like lions. This year we kept a lovely black male left over from the last litter.

Panner (Panther) was ready to go to a new home but with it being Halloween, we decided to keep him so no weirdos would buy him.

The females hunt and bring prey to him. They taught him how to hunt by bringing back living prey and encouraging him to track it down.

It is something to see one of the girls come into the yard dragging a kill, calling to the kitten from across the property and then feeding him.

Who needs Africa, I have my own multi-colored lion pride right here!

I'd take a well-bred mutt cat over most pure breeds, any day!

A Field Ripe for Hunting Voles!
A Field Ripe for Hunting Voles! | Source

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