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Why is My Cat Meowing

Updated on July 9, 2013

A good word to describe meowing cats? Cute. Another word? Annoying! It really depends on the cat, and sometimes the breed can attribute to excessive meowing. For example, the Siamese is known for one of the most talkative cat breeds. That aside, if you don’t know what your cat wants, you might not be able to stop the cat from meowing at you all the live long day. So here are a few facts about cats and their meow!

Meowing is a way for your cat to get your attention.
Meowing is a way for your cat to get your attention.

Why Do Cats Meow?

Cats can make over 100 verbal cues – far more than dogs can makes. But meowing is one of those special animal things that mostly only humans get. Cats don’t often meow at each other. It’s when they are trying to communicate with their owner that we get those infamous little noises. It can mean anything from “give me attention”, “let me go where I want”, to “I’m hungry, feed me now!” The key to finding out what they want is to get to know your cat's habits and becoming familiar with cat body language.

“Feed Me!”

This is probably when you’ll find most cats meowing at their owners. They get up in the morning, give you that loving little head rub, and then walk over to where the food is located and give you that demanding meow.

The solution is simple – offer them food. If they had their food for the day, you might have to put up with it, or offer them catnip if they are part of the 70% of cats who are affected by catnip. If your cat wants to eat all the time, and meowing can be annoying and you might want to give them food just to shut them up, it’s not good to over feed your cat. Make sure you check with the vet how much you should be feeding your cat, as the food label often tells you to feed them too much. Also, be aware that over feeding your cat can lead to diabetes. Cat diabetes symptoms include eating and drinking in excess, losing weight, or just not acting themselves. Be sure to take them to a vet if you see signs like this.

The best way to get your cat to stop begging you for food every two seconds once you’ve deciphered that THAT’S the reason they are meowing, is to just not give in. If you have to put them in another room, do it. Because once they get the point that you’re not going to feed them until a certain time of the day, they’ll stop begging you until that time of day comes near. Also, try dividing his meal in two, so he can at least be satiated twice a day.

One last little trick you can use is to give him a cat food toy. Most people think it’s cruel to make an animal work for their food, but it stimulates their mind in a way that living in a home could never do. Animals were designed to work for their food, and it offers their mind a little bit of exercise to use a cat food puzzle toy. Plus, they eat slower, which makes them feel fuller faster.

Cat meows to come in and out? Cat meowing at it's worse!
Cat meows to come in and out? Cat meowing at it's worse!

“Let Me Out! Now Let Me In!”

It can be hard to figure out how to stop a your cat from meowing to come inside. Chances are your cat wants something in particular, which is why he keeps asking you to come in and out. It took me a while to figure out that one of my cats wanted to play with me when he went out the door then meowed for me. Sometimes, though, I would still open the door and he would sit there, watching me, not indicating anything in particular. The best way to deal with this – see what he wants. Either he wants to go out, wants to play, or wants food. If the answer is none of the above, well, that’s the beauty of doors. They stay closed when needed.

“Play With Me! Pay Attention to Me!”

My cat used to sit in the middle of the hallway, meowing at me. When I would finally go to see what he wanted, he had a toy sitting at his feet. He wanted me to toss it for him. This is probably something you might forget about when it comes to your cat meowing at you, but try it. See if he wants to play.

He might also want your attention. My first cat spent a lot of time in our garage, and even slept in there. One day, he was meowing insanely like always, and I opened the door to let him in. But he didn’t come in. In fact, he walked to the middle of the garage and sat proudly to a freshly killed rat. I have no idea where it came from or how he caught it, since it was half his size, but he was very proud to show me what he had done for the house.

“Dear God, I’m DYING!”

That’s what a cat meow sounds like sometimes. I’ve actually been fooled by this cats meow before when my first cat really wanted to come inside from the garage in the morning. There have been instances where I raced to the door to see if he was alright, and he gave me a meow in thanks for letting him in, and walked in like nothing in the world could trouble him. Unless your cat actually does this trick, don’t take it for granted. If he’s meowing like there is something wrong, treat it like there’s something wrong.

When your cat is meowing excessively at you, it can drive you a little crazy...
When your cat is meowing excessively at you, it can drive you a little crazy...

If All Else Fails

If your cat is meowing in excess and you haven’t been able to figure out why:

  • Take him to the vet and see that something isn’t wrong. He might be trying to tell you that he feels bad.
  • Try a little discipline. Don’t give him attention when he’s meowing in excess, and only give him attention when he’s nice and silent. You might even want to try training tricks to use positive reinforcement on your cat!
  • You can also give him more things to do around the house. Remember, cats like to chase, pounce, stalk, hide, climb, scratch, and be affectionate. Offering them a variety of toys, both interactive and ones he can play with on his own, will stave his boredom off for a while.
  • Don't forget to check his litter box. It might be full, and he may need a place to go!
  • Check is if you're cat has had enough water. Some cats will only drink water fresh out of the tap. A cat waterer can help with that, which can be found on

Your cat is your companion and best friend. And even though he can be annoying at times when he meows too much, he is completely worth it!

When does your cat meow the most at you?

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    • Sehnonimo profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from San Bruno, CA

      Haha, the paradox of having a talkative cat - love them to pieces, but they annoy the heck out of you! You know, it's a little odd that you have a talkative PERSIAN. They're not known for being talkative - just the opposite, in fact. But as they say: breed standards are not meant for all members of the breed.

      Some cats are just the talkative type. You may have to train your cat to be quiet, which, I admit, won't be easy! I have a very loud cockatiel who screams whenever he wants something. For him, it took learning what his triggers are trying to pre-empt his screaming. But it sounds like your cat is always talking!

      I've found an article about training you cat not to meow all the time: Hopefully it will help. Good luck!

    • profile image

      Desirae Allen 

      7 years ago

      I love my kitty, but man he is so annoying. He is a persian and once he turned about 3 months old, it started ! .... the meowing! He meows nonstop all the time! The only time he isn't meowing is when he is cat napping and when we pick him up and hold him like a baby on his back. He ALWAYS has fresh food water, litter, a million toys.. i dunno maybe he is too spoiled. I dont know what to do though. I mean i love him, but he is driving me and my husband nuts .

    • Joni's Corner profile image

      Joni's Corner 

      8 years ago from Fort Worth, Texas

      My Hoshi is a tonkinese, which is a siamese and burmese mix. She is a talker! We have whole conversations. Over the years, I've learned what her different meows mean. Lilly, a burmese, didn't talk much when we got her. But she's opened up over the years. I think Hoshi has been teaching her. Great hub!

    • frndlyghost profile image


      8 years ago from California Wine Country

      Great hub. I have 5 cats, one of which is very much like the cat in the poem. Angel is always on the wrong side of the door. She doesn't meow to go out -- she just sits and stares at the door till it opens -- which can be a VERY long time. When she wants in, she "knocks" by reaching up and pawing at the screen.

      Cats are smart animals indeed!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I enjoy cats, cat stories and cat trivia. Nice hub.

    • prasetio30 profile image


      8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      Nice hub. You put good word. very well written. thanks


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