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Cat People

Updated on May 22, 2009

Cat People

My husband and I didn’t start out to be “cat people”. Well, maybe I did. I have always loved cats. I like dogs too. But I “love” cats. Cats have unique personalities. You have to “earn” their love. My husband, Dan, was and is definitely a dog person. He never even considered owning a cat. When we met, I had four cats. We are down to three now. They are siblings, two females and a male. The “girls” look like twin Holstein cows. White with black spots and black tails. One has a pink nose, and the other a black nose; hence the names “Pinky and Blacky”. The male is a large cat, about 16 pounds. He is gray and white, part Maine Coon. His name is “Big Gray”. We didn’t plan the names, it was just a way to tell them apart when they were first born. There was a fourth kitten in the litter, which we gave away to a friend of my daughter. It broke our hearts to say goodbye to this kitten, so we decided to keep the rest. That was about 10 years ago.

Over the years we have had several stray cats adopt our family. There was “Whitey” and “Goldie”. Others have come and gone, but the original 3 live in our back yard and run in the house whenever they have an opportunity. They like to try the indoor food to see if it’s better than the outdoor food. We have a cat door to the house, but had to board it up due to other species coming in to also try the indoor food. I once had a rabbit in the house which the others “played” with until I mercifully set it free.

Every evening Dan and I go for a walk in out neighborhood. We try to sneak out the front door so that the cats don’t hear us. But they almost always do hear us and they want to walk along. So there we go down the street with 3 cats tagging along. They stop to chase bugs and birds and other cats and run across the street playing “chicken” with cars that go by. We’ve had to stop traffic and steer them around the cats in order to keep them from getting smushed. I’ve almost thrown myself in front of cars in order to protect them from certain death. Hence the name “cat people”, which is what the neighbors call us. Dan loves our cats now, almost as much as he would a dog. Big Gray adores him and climbs on his lap whenever he sits down. He wraps his cat “arms” around his belly and hugs him as he purrs. We are definitely cat people now.


Big Gray, Pinky, and Blacky

Big Gray showing off
Big Gray showing off
Pinky and Blacky
Pinky and Blacky
Big Gray
Big Gray


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    • Dorrene R profile image

      Dorrene R 7 years ago

      That's funny. I'm sure they pull all kinds of stunts when you are not there!

    • LizzyBoo profile image

      LizzyBoo 7 years ago from Czech Republic

      Woow, I have 3 cats as well. I have 2 males and 1 female. Well they are mad as hell and keeps running arround a house all the time. I am thinking of getting camera to record them when I am not at home. lol

    • Dorrene R profile image

      Dorrene R 8 years ago

      Thanks for the comments. You have a kind heart!

    • Guardian1 profile image

      Guardian1 8 years ago

      Awe, your cats are adorable and well fed ;-). I have a black and white Maine Coon. I took her in off the street after she was abandoned. She was a store cat, you see, and when they closed up shop they just left her. She waited three months in front of that store, waited loyally for them to come back. They never did. And they say dogs are man's best friend. Well, yeah, I guess they are ;-). Dogs are awesome too. Well, anyway, I finally passed the store and took her in. I've never regretted it, no matter how high her vet bills got.

      Great hub. I like the way you are with your cats. I had some strays that would follow me all over. I've sinced moved, so I'm a little heartbroken worrying about them.   

    • girly_girl09 profile image

      girly_girl09 8 years ago from United States

      My mom absolutely despised cats growing up (her only experience was with her grandmother's cat who constantly kneaded and clawed her lol). When I was little, my father got me a kitten. Mom fell in love and now she has 4 cats! They truly are wonderful creatures. I have some kitty hubs in development right now and can't wait to publish them. One of them unfortunately is about feline dementia; my 18 year old kitty, Pokey, has it. :( I'm writing it as I learn more about the disease.

    • Lady Guinevere profile image

      Debra Allen 8 years ago from West By God

      I am a cat person too. When my hubby and I met he did not like cats at all, until one of mine decided that he was going to be the one to allow her to sit in his lap. He still doesn't much love cats, but he kind of got used to them. I have 5 indoor cats and about 7 outdoor cats. all bu one fixed. Hun, be careful about your cats and cars. We live in a backwoods area and one of the kittens that I had got hit by a car---on a dirt road at the end of our road and the crazy dude took off with here. Now we have the mother and two boys. No sister. They do feel loss as for a few days I was searching for her and the boys were right by my side looking for her too. When I stopped and looked around they stopped and also looked around. When Sheba didn't come they looked up at me. Very sad. I have all the cats that have chose me on hubpages here too. Your first one looks like my Pinkie a tortie..