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Cat Problems Within My Home

Updated on May 6, 2021


Cat Problems, Cat Problems, Cat Problems I have six of them at home. Alexander, Gracie, Patches, BeaBea, Gordon and Bumpers. They were all rescues. They all have their special qualities, but can be a handful at times.

Alexander is a 10 year old tuxedo who is small in stature. I call him my "horizontal" cat because he only approaches when I am in bed or lying down. Whenever I move, the last item that is moved from the residence is Alexander. He will not be caught, unless he's not feeling well. Occasionally he will be talkative.

Gracie is an 8 year old tuxedo who had an interesting rescue story. A good friend of mine, who I will call Sue is in the business of rescuing strays. One cold winter day Sue arrived at a home where 7 very young kittens were abandoned. She gathered up several of the kittens to place in the rear of her vehicle. All of a sudden this young female cat jumped into Sue's vehicle. That was Gracie. I had just lost an 18-year-old tuxedo named Mickey and Sue suggested I take Gracie, who was also a tuxedo. Since that time, Gracie has been a valuable part of my household. She reacts to people or animals around her that are sick or in pain. She is the smartest cat I have ever met, but she can also be very stubborn. Gracie likes her freedom. I let her go for strolls in the yard, but she sometimes disappears. Most recently she disappeared for a week. When I finally spotted her, she ran from me. I had to set a trap to catch her.

Patches is my resident "Dog" cat. He is a gray and white patched cat with very short stubby legs and can't jump too high. Other characteristics that give him dog qualities are that he eats food in quick gobbles, comes to you when called and licks you when he is happy. I rescued him during a blizzard. I had been leaving food for him on my front steps for a month prior to the blizzard. Then one day there were 4 to 5-foot drifts leading to my doorway. I looked out the window and saw patches climbing the snowdrifts, in order to get to the food at the front door. I grabbed him when he got there, and he's been part of my family since then.

BeaBea (The praying cat pictured above In the Video) was another tuxedo stray that I had been feeding in the woods adjacent to my home. One day she trusted me enough to permit me to grab her and place her in a carrier. She exhibits a very unique behavior when she is excited or when she is seeking attention. She will stand on her hind legs while letting out a high-pitched meow and rubs her hands together like she is praying. It is my belief that she inherited this behavior from the many squirrels that populated the woods around my home at the time.

Gordon is a large gray, green-eyed cat who is part Russian blue. He was also rescued during a snow storm. He, like Gracie, enjoys his freedom and is one of my outdoor cats. He has learned a trick recently. He started off urinating either in the bathroom sink or bathtub. One day I placed him on the toilet seat and he did his business sitting there. It was hysterical, but it works every time now. When I run the water in the bathroom sink and call his name, he gets on the toilet and takes care of business.

Finally, there is Bumpers. Bumpers is a huge gray and white cat who I had been feeding by a neighborhood dumpster. After a short time, he just started to give me head nuggies whenever I put down his food. That was a telltale sign that he was previously owned by someone. When I was a kid I frequented an amusement park called Coney Island, in Brooklyn NY. My favorite ride there were the bumper cars. The object was to ride around in a circle and "bump" other cars, hence the name "Bumpers". I decided to scoop him up and bring him home. Bumpers' favorite habits are giving head nuggies and sleeping upside down.

Stay tuned for more stories from my Cat Problems household.

Funny Cat Behavior


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