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Gadgets for Cats: The Cat Spa

Updated on March 12, 2008

Pet Spa

You can spend the extra money to pamper your pooch or kitty by taking her to the pet spa. She can have her nails trimmed and painted with pet- safe, quick dry nail polish. Maybe have a nice massage and an aroma therapy spray. Sounds lovely right?

Well, I don't know how you're cat would like it. Most of them don't like baths, nail trimming, or too much personal contact. They all like some touch and petting, but usually on their own time versus when you want to treat them at the spa.

So, you can try it... You cat may even like it... I mean, in all reality, you don't know for sure until you try.

But, there is an alternative...

Hagen Living Cat Spa

The alternative is the averaged priced $25 pet spa toy by Hagen Living. Your cat can use the toy whenever he feels the need for the ultimate spa experience.

The Cat Spa is designed to work automatically when your cat scrubs it, rubs it, rolls on it, or bites it. Most cats approach the toy as soon as you take it out of the box and lay it on the floor.

Because cats love to be scratched whether by you, the wall, a chair leg, or most other objects, the Cat Spa toy is great.

It features:

  • An acu- pressure pads that will feel good on your cat's paws.
  • A body- stroke groomer helps cats groom and massage themselves; they can rub their face or back for an intense massage- type feel.
  • A gum stimulator in the middle of the toy is great to massage your cat's teeth and gums, as well as her cheek and chin area.
  • A ripple massager that stimulates pleasure to the area that the cat rubs against it; the ripples act like a brush, but stimulates further towards the muscles.

Scratching and rubbing up against things is a natural behavior that is a means of communication for cats. Lions, tigers, panthers, and other big cats run against trees and bushes to deposit pheromones, marking their territory and notifying males that they're in heat.

You smaller version, domestic house cat, does the same thing. They rub their faces on objects, they release pheromones that studies claim to create a calming effect. So, with the ripples and massage features of the Cat Spa, your cat can relax at home with a one time purchase.

Day Trip to the Spa

It may sound ridiculous... Take your cat to the pet spa, but you don't have to anymore. You can make your cat's once in a while trip to the spa a daily occurrence.

The Cat Spa kitty gadget is a great way to let your feline friend have instant gratification and pleasure in your home office, living room, bedroom, or wherever you place his, or her, Cat Spa toy.

I would suggest purchasing a new on occasion when the old one wears out and gets so dirty that the average cleaning won't help. But for the most part, you're one purchase of $25 (on average) is probably going to be a lot cheaper than a trip to the pet spa once a month.


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    • FionaBaron profile image

      FionaBaron 6 years ago

      Wow, I'll have to try that. Knowing how much our 5 cats love to rub, I'm sure this would be quite a hit with them. Thanks for sharing!

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 10 years ago from Georgia

      I had been looking for gadgets for cats, and this was about the only one I found worth mentioning. It is neat. Something I'd buy if I had a cat.

    • Angela Harris profile image

      Angela Harris 10 years ago from Around the USA

      Aren't these things neat? I was surprised to see that we had both written about this cool gadget for cats.