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Cat Traps for Catching Feral Cats

Updated on January 1, 2012

The Best Cat Traps

Cat traps for feral cats are essential when trapping a feral cat. There are many different types of cat traps depending on your preference of the level of efficiency and how humanely caught the cat is. The most common types are the live trap and the drop trap for catching feral cats. There is a slight difference in aggression and agility when compared to stray cats, which is why trapping stray cats are much easier. However, this article will solely concentrate on feral cat trapping rather than demonstrating how to trap stray cats.

The feral cat cage is very simple to use. After acquiring the contraption either by making it or preferably buying a cheap one, all you will need to to decide where to place it and a means of attracting the feral cat to enter the cage.

You may be asking why anyone would want to go to the effort of trapping one, but this is one of the most efficient methods of feral cat control. By successfully catching one and spaying it and then returning them, they will not continue to breed.

Remember, trapping a wild beast inside an enclosure is sure to frighten the animal that is caught. A good method is to cover the entire cage with anything that blocks out the sunlight, such as an old blanket or tarpol, over the feral cat cage or trap.


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    • Dr. Poeta Diablo profile image

      Dr. Poeta Diablo 5 years ago from Washington

      Gaining his trust gradually is a great way to start. Maybe feed him every time he shows up and prove that you mean no harm. Gradually, he'll stop running away when you get too cose!

    • profile image

      Sandra 6 years ago

      I have a stray kitten that showed up on my porch a few weeks ago. He seems in good health and I have been feeding him for some time now. I want to catch him and take him to the vet to be neutered and get his shots. He is very sweet and I can approach him up to a foot away and then he runs. How can I help him?

    • Dr. Poeta Diablo profile image

      Dr. Poeta Diablo 6 years ago from Washington

      There is indeed an ethical side to all this. In my opinion is primarily revolves around why you would want to trap a cat. If he is healthy and simply hungry and looking for food, that is not a sufficient reason in most cases. However, if the feral cat is in poor health or has clearly signs of diseases, catching it and having a vet check up or possibly even putting it down in very extreme cases for the sake of euphanism, then that could be justified. The topic of ethics is very subjective though.

    • profile image

      Donald E 6 years ago from DFW area, TX.

      I know many people who would say that trapping a cat like this would be cruel; how would you answer them?