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Cat Won't Use the Litter Box? Try Cat Attract Cat Litter!

Updated on January 25, 2010

Hello my cat loving friends! I thought I would write a quick HUB Page about the stray cat that I am currently fostering for the SPCA (and her litter box problems!). To make a long story short, there is a stray cat problem in the community that I live in. Being the animal lover that I am, I started feeding a few of the cats. Well, as my Grandmother once told me, "Once you feed it or name it, it is yours!" Considering that I already have three rescue dogs and one cat (which by the way, was also a stray), there was no way I could permanently "adopt" any more stray animals!

Though I cannot add any more furry friends to my family, I still wanted to help. I called the SPCA and a very nice woman came out to my neighborhood to assess the cat situation. She said that they only take kittens (and their mothers) so if I wanted to "foster" the pregnant stray that was currently living in the neighborhood the SPCA would take them once the kittens turned five weeks old. "Sure," I exclaimed, "No problem!" I quickly turned my spare bedroom into a "cat safe room" and I now have one adorable calico (named Claire) and her five kittens (Sadie, Lola, Guinness, Monster and Layla) living with me.

I must say that I am enjoying the kittens. I have never actually owned a kitten before (I am a dog person) and I must admit that they are ADORABLE! Claire, the mother, is doing well and is slowly bonding with me. Everything is great….but that wasn't always the case. When Claire first began living in the "cat safe room" that I had prepared for her…she had NO idea what a litter box was. Many mornings were spent doing laundry and cleaning the room. NOT FUN! I was just about at the end of my rope when a friend suggested I try a litter called Cat Attract. I was up for anything…so I immediately went to the pet supply store and purchased a bag.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the bag of Cat Attract were the words: "100% Litter Box Use or Your Money Back!" I was thrilled! Trust me; if you had spent several days of your life picking up cat poop and scrubbing cat bedding, you would be thrilled too! Cat Attract was developed by a veterinarian who specializes in…you guessed it, CATS!!! This man HAD to know what he was doing…right? I truly hoped so…as my wife was getting annoyed at Claire and her lack of litter box usage. As soon as I got home I filled a few of the litter boxes in the "cat safe room" with Cat Attract (yes, there are multiple litter boxes in the room with different types of litter. Apparently Claire was not happy with any of her current litter choices). The next day, I slowly walked into the room…saying a little prayer as I entered. Low and behold…what was in the litter box that was filled with Cat Attract Litter? POOP!!!!! There is a God! I quickly took out all of the other litters that were in the room and filled the empty boxes with Cat Attract. I am happy to say that Claire has had no other bathroom issues and I have not had to clean cat poop off the floor since. Yahoo!

If you have opened your heart to a stray cat and are having litter box issues, I highly recommend Cat Attract Cat Litter. For more information about training a stray to use a litter box, please visit The Kitten Care Guide and read the post… "How to Train a Stray Cat to Use a Litter Box." Good luck! Oh, by the way, Cat Attract Cat Litter is NOT only for stray cats! Any cat with litter box issues will do!


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