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My Cat Gang - Six Pack

Updated on January 3, 2011

Love that comes to you Feline Style

This page is dedicated to my Feline Family I call My Cat Gang - Six Pack. The little furry Feline Babies in my life that bring me so much Joy, Love and Laughter. Ok and sometimes drive me a bit crazy with their feline ways of knocking things off my shelves, pulling my towels off the bars, making things extra furry and climbing my curtains and so on.

But when you are a cat lover those are just some of the things we deal with to have them in our lives.

So enjoy meeting the Feline part of my family

Who is Six Pack?

Ok Six Pack is my cat gang of 6 rescue cats I have rescued. Each one of my cats is a different breed and they all have unique personalities.

Why do I have so many? because we love cats and love our home filled with furry friends. We do have 3 dogs also - I will talk about them later.

Some ask - Why so many? Why not just one? Blah Blah Blah. Well the answer to that: Why just one. If you have the room, the love and the ability to care for them. Why not help save a life or two and bring joy to yours.

Some people do not understand this, but I know the cat/pet lovers out there understand 100%.

Why do I refer to them as my Cat Gang? Well because the are like a gang of cats with funny names that reminded me of a gang; Bugsy, Sticker, Fang, Scar, Sushi & Cyber. The name 6 Pack just happened - maybe to help me say I am good now. 6 is a good number - and honestly I think it is - for now.

So below I am am gonna give you some information on them all which I hope you will enjoy and maybe it will inspire you to to fill your home with Purrs and Tail Hugs.


Manx - Male

Bugsy is the oldest in the gang. He was rescued in Florida in 1995 and is now just about 14 years old. He is a Manx and has no tail. I guess he can not provide us with tail hugs, but he gives so much more. That is where his name came from - when a kitten he ran and looked like a Bunny - so Bugs Bunny - Bugsy.

His personality is funny - he is a cool cat - the kind not to be messed with. He is so laid back and has seen many new pets come to the house. He never has an issue with any. He smells them and says "Hey what's up" His has become very vocal in his age as he has a hard time jumping on the counter now to get to his food. He will meow at your feet and of course knows we will lift him up there. Hmm Maybe he is just lazy and spoiled and knows he will get a free flight to the food bowl - regardless we do it.

He is only 1 of 2 we let outside - only because he has gone out since a baby - once they have that taste it is hard to stop them. But in his old age he likes to be in. He does meow to go out at the door when he needs the fresh air - it almost sounds like he says "Meooout".

He loves to sleep on my pillow at my head and lay on the couch when I am there on the arm right next to me while I watch TV - he is a true companion.

The one thing he LOVES is a massager - the kind you use on your back. He likes you to massage him - too funny. He can hear it from the next room and he comes running. As he is being massaged he will drool. I do not know what it is, but that is the funniest thing about him.

In his old age he has slowed down a lot and become more of a companion. Still loves to play at times and loves a good dose of catnip.

He just had some medical problems with his paw and back leg and having no tail made it hard for his for balance, but with great care and love I am happy to say he is doing just fine.

Oh the other weird things about him is that in the summer he gets really skinny and then winter comes and he bulks up big and fat.

As far as his fellow gang members go - he tolerates them and may play a bit, but not so much. He is much older. He watches over them, but keeps his distance with his watchful eye. His closest bud is Sticker.

Kudos to Bugsy for being a cool gang member and he is a true KING.

Nicknames: Bugs, Buggy Wuggy, Buddy


A Calico Domestic - Female

Sticker is our next oldest. She was sent to us. When we moved into our new house I had a kitty named Paws who got out of the house and was hit by a car (saddest thing ever). I would sit outside and think of him on my patio a lot. Well one night my husband went out to do the garbage and this cat showed up meowing and ran to our front door - like hey I live here. My husband called me outside and this cat just full of love - who we never saw before - said I live here. The funny thing is - she was a mix of so many of my cats who we had lost in the past all combined into one. I swear she was sent to fill a void in my heart. So we started to feed her. After a few days and making sure she was not lost I was in love and decided she was now part of our family. My son named her Sticker because she just stuck around.

She is the only other cat who also is allowed outside. She would not have it any other way. Sticker is a lover - she loves everyone. she is the boss. A tough girl who likes to hunt and leave presents on the patio for us. Yeah it is gross, but in cat language it is a gift to the owner so you put up with it.

Sticker hangs out with Bugsy mostly, but is very independent. She also tolerates the new members and does not really play with them so much. BUT she will come on anyones lap and give them love like crazy. If she could purr up your nose she will. She loves when we make a fire outside and will jump on our lap and sit with you loving you with tail hugs and her wet nose as she rubs it on you as she purrs with love. Her meow is so faint - almost like she lost it, but her little voice is nothing compared to the big love she will give anyone willing to give some back. So glad she adopted us - still have no idea where she could have come from being we live in a rural area, but who cares!!!

Nicknames: Sticky, Sticky Maliky


Maine Coon - Male

Fang is one of the oldest in the new gang addition. He is HUGE, Furry and so so so soft. When we decided to add to the gang my husband and I did research on the type of cat we wanted to rescue. My husband saw this breed (Maine Coon) and the size of them and said this is it. So I then went onto Pet Finder to find a baby who would fit the bill. So after looking we found this guy. He was over an hour away at a rescue called Furry Feet . He was PUR-Fect - a small well adjusted little guy who was a fur ball.

Fangs name came from me - I had a cousin who had a dog named Fang while I was growing up and always loved it and it fit him perfectly.

Fang has the coolest personality. He is not a lap cat and will lay with you when he wants, but he is always near by. He is so laid back and growing bigger and bigger everyday. On his hind legs he is as tall as a toddler. He tends to forget his size quite often and squeezes himself into small boxes that will bust open at the seams, but he could care less. He never really meows ever and is very dog like in his ways - geez he is bigger than most small dogs in size and is not even full grown. His tail is like a skunk - so full and puffy and so soft. His fur is like silk and has such a beauty to him. We do not need to groom him - he does it all himself.

All the new members who came into the gang after him he looks after like the big pumba. He loves to be held only for a short time and either upside down or like he is flying in your arms so he can see everything. He is very playful and loves catnip, laser pointers and anything he can chase - like your toes under the blankets. He pounces with a big jump on your toes, but we when he jumps on you - OUCH - he is a heavy guy and you feel it. He really is a gentle giant.

Nicknames: Fangy Foo, Foo, Big Bushy Butt


Bengal Mix - male

Scar was rescued from The Animal Rescue Leauge. My husband and I went there one day to just browse and as he walked past the cat cages this kitty tugged on his sleeve. So we took him from the cage held him and he said "Take me home". So we did what any pet lover would do - we took him. Scar is my bedtime buddy. Scar does not care for much attention during the day until it is dark and bedtime. He absolutely loves to lay on the bed, but mostly at night or if you are making the bed. His favorite thing since a kitten is my hair - I do not know why, but it soothes him. His favorite sleeping place is across my neck like a scarf - which keeps me warm at night. He is a lover boy - a sweet cat.

He does have another side to him too - he is also my trouble cat sometimes - he is the one who climbs the curtains, scratches the couch and sometimes just runs around like a nut. Then when it comes to feeding time when all the others are eating like crazy he usually backs off and lets everyone else in. So I have to feed him special treats in his own dish cause he is a slow eater unlike the others and he is non confrontational. He does not gulp his food, but yet licks it nice and slow and the others will take advantage of that and come eat his portion.

His markings are very cool, looks like he has black lipstick and he can be vocal with a cute meow.

Nicknames: Scar Baby, Lover Boy, Bedtime Buddy


Siamese Ragdoll - Female

Sushi is my little princess with the beautiful blue eyes. She was rescued from a ladies house over an hour away. She is a tiny girl - I think she was the runt of the litter and even at her full grown size she still looks like a kitten. Everyone is drawn to her due to her cuteness. She packs an attitude though - just like a princess. She will growl while she eats so no one takes her food - she loves to eat. She does not like to be held unless on her terms, but will sleep on your lap when she feels like it. When happy she purrs like crazy and has gotten the nickname "Motor Boat" cause that is what it sounds like. She loves her big brothers Fang and Scar. She also comes to my lap when I whistle a certain way and she will respond with a siamese funny sound right back to me.

Nicknames: Poosh Poosh, Motor Boat


Persian Mix - Male

Oh Cyber our newest addition to the gang - I found him on Pet Finder. He was rescued from an amazing rescue called Last Chance Ranch. The ranch was over an hour away and amazing - they rescue all kinds of animals and it was a beautiful place. Originally I was interested in his brother who was an adorable black & white baby, but he was adopted before I was able to get him. So after much thought and seeing the pictures of Cyber - I decided he was the next member to the gang. Cyber is the sweetest little puff ball with a small stubby body and funny little fluffy tail. He was so well adjusted when I held him and purred like crazy and just laid in my arms. I was sold!!! So we took him home and he fits right in. Fang took him under his wing (paw) and watches over him. His coloring is so nice and his fur is fluffy and soft. As he has grown his looks are even more gorgeous. He has beautiful golden eyes with unique colored gray fur. He has grown to love my husband and he is number one to him. Always on his chair with him at his feet. Cyber seems to love sleeping in funny things like pots, dish drains and small spaces. We just love him and he is growing to be a very big cat - once smaller than Sushi - he is now twice her size and going.

Nicknames: The Baby, Stinky, Cybie

Fang coming down from climbing my rock wall

Fang coming down from climbing my rock wall
Fang coming down from climbing my rock wall

Fang making a great face

Fang making a great face
Fang making a great face

Scar and Sushi

Scar and Sushi
Scar and Sushi

Bugsy wanting to come in - lol

Bugsy wanting to come in - lol
Bugsy wanting to come in - lol

Sushi the princess showing off her legs

Sushi the princess showing off her legs
Sushi the princess showing off her legs

Out Favorite Litter Box - We use this and it truly is the best one out there

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

* Large litter box self cleans by rolling to the right and back again * Waste collects in the pullout tray for quick, easy disposal * Effectively controls dust and contains odors * Ideal for big cats or multiple-cat households * Measures 19-1/2 by 22 by 20 inches


Cyber chillin' in the Dish Drain

Cyber chillin' in the Dish Drain
Cyber chillin' in the Dish Drain

Scar balancing on the top of my door - he was looking for bugs in the light

Scar balancing on the top of my door - he was looking for bugs in the light
Scar balancing on the top of my door - he was looking for bugs in the light

Your comments would be PURRR-FECT

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    • CindyIndyBones profile image

      CindyIndyBones 5 years ago

      Thank you for sharing your cool gang :) They are all so cute!!! >'-'Manx, Yuki>Siamese-Manx, Chloe>Domestic Shorthair) and one foster kitten (Scarlett>Domestic Longhair). Yuki and Bones both have just a cute little stumpy tail. I thought it's so funny that you call your Siamese "princess" too :D That's what I call Yuki! :) I signed up for squidoo just recently and published my lens about Bones the Manx yesterday :)

    • Sher Ritchie profile image

      Sher Ritchie 5 years ago

      Your family is PURRR-FECT! What can I say? Thankyou for giving them a forever home with you, and they're all so sweet. And 100% agree about the 'cat climbing the curtains', 'cat knocking things off shelf' difficulties of cat ownership; they're so adorable and then... [Crash - oh no what is it this time?]... And 100% agree that when you have a few cats, you CAN make a forever home for a few more... I LOVE YOUR LENS! Thanks for sharing!

    • admiralglass lm profile image

      admiralglass lm 8 years ago

      What a cool gang you have. I bet theres never a dull moment in your house:) Love the lens 5*

    • surfsusan profile image

      surfsusan 8 years ago

      Fang is my favourite - what faces and climbing skills he has :-) I travel around in Europe at the moment - next year I will probably travel in the US, so I don't have pets but the day I settle down be it US, Europe or? I sure hope animals will find me ! Great lens and thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      OMG, I had a Siamese named Sushi, she died in November, 2004 just under the age of 17,

    • profile image

      jwooten80 8 years ago

      I love this page too! Have to add it to my lensroll!

    • Mayapearl profile image

      Mayapearl 8 years ago

      I love cats and dogs, I just lost my lovely dog after 17 years and our cat Spook kept on looking for him and missed him for ages. She used to sleep with him often throwing him out of his own bed! 5* from me

    • mysticmama lm profile image

      Bambi Watson 8 years ago

      Very cool cat gang...Fang is adorable...and sounds a lot like Kitty Wompuss...Kitty also prefers to be held upside down, we call it holding him like a baby...he also isn't much of a lap cat...but if you put a pillow on your lap, he will stretch out on his back and let you rub his belly for hours...try it with fang...I think it's a size thing that makes laps uncomfortable for them...give fang kisses from me...5*

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 9 years ago

      I really enjoyed reading about your kitty cats. My sister rescues cats with medical problems and takes care of them. I have one cat that we adopted from the vet. I think it was a batch of feral kittens. Ours was the last of the batch, Misty Blue. She is a touch-me-not but is a little friendlier now that we shaved off her long matted hair. A home just doesn't seem complete with out a cat!

    • Jack2205 profile image

      Jack 9 years ago

      Great lens. I have always had many cats around all of my life. I have never been without a cat.