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Cats & Dogs Fleas, How To Get Rid Of Fleas From The Home, How To Kill Cat Or Dog Fleas

Updated on January 15, 2015

Killing Pet Fleas

10 adult cat fleas can produce nearly 1 million eggs within a month. This makes getting rid of fleas from the home difficult.

Only 10% of a flea infestation can be found on the host cat or dog, and these are the adults.

The rest of the fleas are in the environment around the home, in cushions and furniture, under beds and in clothes. For every ten adult fleas found, there are usually over 1 million flea eggs, pupae, and young fleas in hiding around the house.

The cat or dog flea is a blood sucking insect which infests the home as well as the host animal. Getting rid of fleas is extremely difficult, as they can live for months, even after the animal has left the premises.

Although animal fleas cannot live off of humans, they will still bite any warm-blooded creature that crosses their path.

Children and the elderly suffer more from flea bites and even tapeworm can be passed onto humans as well as other animals from cat and dog fleas.


The rapid breeding cycle of the flea makes them one of the fastest spreading pests. Neighbors will soon be complaining about the spread of fleas to their homes as the masses travel looking for fresh blood from a single animal.

Never be embarrassed about having fleas, they are very common, only be embarrassed if you do nothing about them.

How to Get Rid Of Fleas In The Home

83% of fleas develop in the carpets around the home. This is where the flea bomb or flea fogger penetrates best and kills off nearly all hatched fleas.

All doors should be left open whilst the flea fogger is active, and occupants should leave the home. It is also advisable to use one fogger per room at the same time. Always read the instructions on the bomb or fogger carefully.

If ever in doubt, call in the Environmental Health or a Pest Control Company.

Diatomaceous Earth is one of the worlds best known flea and tick killers.

Used in conjunction with a flea bomb or fogger, this powder is spread along skirting boards, behind and underneath furniture and over carpets.

This powder dries out the skin of fresh and emerging fleas from the pupae stage. It is not an instant killer, but still quite effective.

Pest control for fleas is not easy, cheap, or quick. But doing nothing or little, will result in many hundreds of bites on humans as the fleas hunt for food.

The flea powder can be left for weeks on carpets and floors and will begin killing the fleas as they hatch. It is not a quick killer, but will begin to kill fleas as soon as the flea touches the powder. This helps reduces the amount of flea eggs produced.

Eco or Green flea sprays help rid the home of fleas and are kind to the environment. The sprays can be used on soft furnishings such as pillows, cushions and mattresses.

The sprays are child and pet friendly and will kill any hatched fleas that come into contact with the spray.

These sprays can also be used on the pets of the home. Most flea treatments will not kill un-hatched fleas.

Click on the picture for the whole range of flea sprays and prices.

Flea Collars

One of the best way to rid a home of fleas is to get rid of the food source. The family pet can be given away or sent away for a while whilst the home is cleared of fleas.

This will help prevent re-infestation as long as the animal is also treated.

Bob Martin is synonymous with quality and care for pets. These cheap flea collars for cats are perfect and last for up to four months.

The collars prevent eggs from being laid on the cat and and deter adult fleas from feeding on them. This may also cause fleas to die of starvation or migrate to other food sources.

Fleas may bite humans, but they cannot mate or survive on human blood.

Flea collars cannot be put on kittens or puppies under the age of six months. Refer to guidelines of each collar on the instructions. Hair will fall off and the skin will become "burnt" around the neck and throat.


Many domestic pet owners allow their children to take care of a cat or dog without realising the consequences that may happen.

Children love animals as animals love children. But taking care of cat is difficult for many younger people.

Children need to understand feeding, breeding, and toilet habits of cats as well as what to look out for to avoid diseases and parasites which can effect the child and the animal.

Pet Shampoo

Killing fleas takes a lot of time and patience. Fleas cannot be cleared or killed overnight. An assortment of flea control systems will ensure the eradication of any flea infestation very quickly.

Fleas in the pupae stage are cocooned, and will release themselves within seconds once a viable food source has been detected. The pupae can remain in their cocoon for months before hatching and seeking food.

Flea shampoo is a long lasting method for deterring fleas from biting pets and laying eggs in the hair.

Using flea shampoo and a flea collar in conjunction, will ensure that the fleas will not be infesting the animal again soon and will reduce the number of fleas in the home.

Another way in how to get rid of fleas in the home, maybe to contact the local health authority. Some local governments contract in pest control services at a reduced rate.

Pest control helps reduce the spread of disease and keeps a family safe from all manners of infections.

Fleas on Holiday

Whilst away on vacation, a left pet can produce millions of fleas. A single cat will be swamped with fleas to such an extent that when the owners return, their own legs could be covered in fleas within seconds.

The blood lust of a flea is insatiable. Always take precautions for your pets prior to leaving for a holiday.


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      no one needs to no 

      6 years ago

      that will not work i tryied it and all that happends is that it makes more fleas

    • lundmusik profile image


      7 years ago from Tucson AZ

      Thanks, my wife and I are pet lovers,, three dogs and wish we could have cats (wife deathly allergic) thanks for the great advice,, i'm bookmarking


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