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Cats and Dogs - Our Most Beloved Animals

Updated on June 5, 2015

It currently raining cats and dogs in Port Dickson and there are gloomy auras among the streets. That's not gonna stop me from writing. Today, I'm writing about a topic that involves mankind's most beloved animals, the cat and the dog. These animals or pets have been with mankind for many generations that they have started developing human characteristics. Both species are popular among Homo sapiens, but the canine family has proven to be better by earning the title "Man's Best Friend".

1. The Cat

If I had a penny for every time a cat runs away from me, I would be the richest boy in Malaysia. Cats are very tertiary and are socially awkward. I work in an environment full of cats. Instead of playing with each other, they fight till death. The cats won't share they're food or they're living space. This characteristics is shared by both genders of the feline race. I've raised a stray cat before and within a week, it vanished from my house. I'm currently giving shelter to an affectionate mother cat, but she is only affectionate when she's hungry. After feeding time, she wonders outside. From my experience, cats are not very friendly. But this could because the cats I've encountered are stray. They don't possess human characteristics. Cats could be friendly and loyal if they were raised by people.

2. The Dog

If I had a penny for every time a dog barks at me, I would be able to live a decent life. In Malaysia, it's very rare to see stray dogs on the street, especially in city places. Even if you see a dog on the streets, probabilities of it being a stray is low. Many Malaysians allow their dogs to roam the streets. This is because they will eventually find their way back. In my area, there are more male dogs than female. Both genders are territorial towards humans and other species, but not among themselves. Females interact with each other in a friendly demeanor while males a little aggressively. Males get very excited in the presence of a female while the latter get's scared. From my impression, I think dogs are more friendly than cats by a few percent.

Stray vs Home Bred Animals

Although they're animals, stray and home bred animals have a lot of differences. If an animal was born in the streets or were abandoned, it would be considered a stray animal. Home bred animals are born in houses. They're ancestors must have also be born in a house to be considered home bred. Comparing a stray animal with a home bred animal is like comparing a city boy with a country boy. Ironically, the stray is the city boy. Strays are used to the dangerous environment. They know how to survive in the city. Home bred animals on the other hand have been used to the luxurious lifestyle of a human. Always keep your home bred animals on constant surveillance. Many home bred pets which have wondered from they're homes have died due to inexperience of the outside world. My niece, Sasha chases a car instead of avoiding it. Stray may have survival skills, but they're not as intelligent and affectionate as home bred animals. Due to their exposure to humans, many home bred animals have adapted human characteristics. Unlike strays, home bred animals have only experienced the enjoyable life. Many have even developed human emotions. In conclusion, stray and home bred animals both have their advantages and disadvantages.


If you're planning on getting a pet, I would highly recommend getting a dog as they get attached to you much quicker than cats. With time, cats will also become loyal to you. If you're taking my advice by choosing a dog and need help choosing a breed, I would recommend getting the toy poodle. They're fantastic dogs and instead becoming loyal, they'll make you loyal. Don't forget if you have a sensitive heart, don't even think about buying a pet.

Note : Animals maybe animals, but always consider them a person or a human.

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