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Cats of Beauty

Updated on August 26, 2012
Rehabilitate me
Rehabilitate me | Source

Caged beauty

Beauty that surrounds me

Frustration on my face to see

Asking how can this be

Caged as an attraction

God’s creatures

Due to greed and infatuation

Open hearts took on more

Helping these animals to soar

Education to many to show

What you may not know

How cruelty affects these souls

God’s creatures not just tools

So please say a prayer

For these cats found and unfound

That animal trade may be stopped


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    • Alexa Poesia profile image

      Suzan 5 years ago from Ohio

      I am not certain why you are displaying so much anger at me.

    • Alexa Poesia profile image

      Suzan 5 years ago from Ohio

      these pictures are taken of animals which were rescued from people who bought them as pets and didn't want them anymore. I applaud these facilities, and rescue facilities if be zoo's. I am angry with exotic pet owners!

    • Shaddie profile image

      Shaddie 5 years ago from Washington state

      This poem suggests that all animals are tortured and treated cruelly if they are kept in enclosures. The images of big cats "behind bars" is an emotional one that people love to play off of because it tugs at our heartstrings and it reminds us of someone living out a jail sentence. But I don't think that animals kept in quality zoos are tortured, in fact they seem quite content - perhaps too content for you, since all they really need to do is laze about and enjoy the sunshine. No, they aren't chasing wildebeest all day, no they aren't neck-deep in the water being attacked by leaches and invaded by parasites as they fish for their dinner, and no perhaps they aren't duking it out with one another over territorial disputes. SURELY they must be MISERABLE!