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Cats or Dogs, Which is Best?

Updated on October 24, 2018

Your Choice: A Dog or a Cat?

Now that you've decided you want a dog or a cat, now you're trying to decide, which one? I've had both and they each have advantages and disadvantages.

First, they both make great pets, and they do have distinct personalities, so you can have a dog that turns out to be somewhat catlike in some ways, and you can have a cat that turns out to have some dog-like ways.

Let's look at sociability. The biggest advantage of a dog, is that they tend to be willing companions and are easily trainable to come when called and to follow you and go where you want to go. They also tend to walk well with a leash. Dogs tend to be more sociable and outgoing as well and they feel more like a friend who's always willing to do what you want to do. Some go so far as to recognise certain words that tell them that they may be going on an outing, so when the plan is to leave the dog at home, some families actually have to communicate secretly! Our dogs were like this. We couldn't say ";leash";, or ";Let's go."; if we were leaving the dogs at home. Few cats are this way. The cat my family had was unique in that he was quite people oriented and would come out when company arrived, unlike many cats that will shy away from people they don't know.

In terms of activity, dogs are usually more active than cats, so, if you want peace and quiet, you're more likely to have it with a cat. However, some cats will come to you if they want to be petted or want food, and they may jump up on furniture. And, some breeds of dogs can let you have peace and quiet also. Greyhounds are the best example. Many will lie around all day, like many cats do. And, when you want to go somewhere, they will immediately be up and ready, just like most dogs. Most larger dogs will be less active indoors, and less likely to bark as well. Smaller dogs tend to bark much more and are more exciteable, which is why many prefer them as watch dogs, because they will bark and wake them up at night if there's a prowler around. Which brings us to the next subject, security.

Dogs can and will provide a measure of security, even if they aren't really the 'watchdog' type. A burglar who sees a dog in a yard may think that he'll be attacked or the dog will bark, summoning help, if he tries to break in, and he may end up going elsewhere.

Cats are more easily left alone for longer periods, as they have their litter box in the house, assuming the cat is an indoor cat, which all cats should be. They can be left with food for several days and a clean litter box without worry that they will overeat or need to be let out to go to the bathroom the way a dog has to.

In terms of variety, Cats vary in color and hair length more than anything else. Generally they are the same general shape and their size range is less than that of dogs. Dogs have many shapes and sizes as well as colors, and are actually pretty unique in this trait among animals.

As far as being loving, there really is no difference except that they express it in different ways. Cats will purr and rub against you, while dogs will wag their tails, but they both love being petted.

So, which to choose? Well you can have both. Many do, and cats and dogs can get along quite well in the same household. And sometimes, their ways can rub off on each other and they will even play together at times.

So, whichever you choose, dog, cat, or both, just make sure it's the right choice for you. Good luck with your new family member!

Alan S.

Dog or Cat?

What kinds of pets have you had?

What kind of pets have you had?

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