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Cattle Mutilations: Is it Aliens?! Or Maggots?!

Updated on January 20, 2016

It's not as ridiculous as you might think.

William Shatner, the host of "Weird or What?"  I love that man.
William Shatner, the host of "Weird or What?" I love that man. | Source

Weird or What?

I just sat here and watched an episode of "Weird or What?" on the Chiller Channel on cable, hosted by William Shatner. It spoke of alien abduction and cattle mutilation and, with my personal experience with pet animals, knowing what I know about maggots, I just became completely and utterly horrified when I put two and two together and solved this mystery sitting in front of my television set.

Are aliens abducting our cattle, cutting out parts with mysterious laser like, futuristic instrumentation? No, people, this is far more horrifying than that. Once again, it's a case of unknown neglect by owners who have no clue at all about what is going on.

Pet animals are different. They come indoors, they share the house, they lay on our beds and furniture. We bathe and brush them. Not so for farm animals. I wrote an earlier article on this very topic - go have a look at it. I'm highly upset that it isn't until now that I put two and two together. I HAVE to write this article immediately in an attempt to save future food animals from going through a miserable life such as this.

Don't get me wrong. I eat red meat and will never stop eating meat. But prey animals don't deserve to be tortured and live in miserable conditions just because they are "meant" to die. We are ALL going to die, eventually, and every life deserves to live a pleasant, healthy and happy life up until the day that actually happens. If you don't care about animals at all, you might think of it like this: Happy meat tastes very good.

Back to my point. This television show showed the precise incisions, and the areas where the incisions were made. Then, it had two forensic scientists come on and talk about the possibility that it may be blow flies and maggots that are causing this to happen. The conspiracy theorists argued that why was it that they found these things on "perfectly healthy animals that dropped dead and were found within hours after dying"?


Why Isn't There Any Blood?!

I looked at the wounds shown on the TV, and I listened to the forensic scientists, and flashes popped up in my own mind, of seeing these exact same wounds. I remembered the stinky dog that was brought in for a bath because the owners couldn't tolerate the smell anymore. A "perfectly healthy" animal, wagging it's tail - I took his leash and lead him back to the bathing area, put him in the tub, and noticed the stench of decay, the wet spots in his fur, and the hardened spots on his skin near the belly, and as I wiped my hand up his side, from belly to back, the entire hide on that dog peeled off to reveal exposed muscle and maggots.

There was no blood loss. The entire hide on that side was dead. The dog felt nothing but uncomfortable and cold on that side, and looked at me miserably, shivering. Later, I was to discover several things about maggots.

Maggots were used as a medical tool to eat away rotten flesh on the living. It didn't hurt, because many bugs produce an anesthetic when they bite, many bugs produce a coagulant in their saliva that stops the bleeding after they bite, and once nerve endings are severed, as in burn victims, there is no longer any pain.

Maggots don't eat living flesh - they eat dead flesh. Eggs are laid on a small wet opening, a tiny wound or body orifice, and when the maggots hatch, they eat away the dead tissue, dead skin cells, around it. The saliva and excretions of the maggot, bacteria infecting the wounds or unclean wet areas on the animal, kill the living flesh and the maggots move on to that. And so on. And so on.

Are Insects Aliens?

Just leaving the possibilities open for consideration. (An attempt at humor on a grisly subject.)
Just leaving the possibilities open for consideration. (An attempt at humor on a grisly subject.) | Source

Eaten Alive

On this dog, the maggots had eaten into a hole under the skin and had proceeded to kill off and eat all the subcutaneous tissue that lies between the muscle and the hide. There was no obvious sign of it, other than the wet spot where they had penetrated under the long fur hanging from the belly, and the scent of decay.

How must that feel, to have maggots eating away at you under your skin? Probably the same as it feels to have intestinal parasites. Vaguely unpleasant and uncomfortable, but in the way of animals, they don't show signs of illness until they are really, really sick, or just simply die.

So - is it possible that these perfectly healthy cattle that are simply found dead with parts of their bodies missing are actually being eaten alive by maggots, and that the parts of their hide have actually fallen off or been eaten away weeks ago, because they are range animals and no one is around to see it happening?

People who pet their animals and keep them indoors notice small wounds and treat them. They notice bad smells and bathe their animals. People who have outdoor pets and farm animals don't.

It just so happens this was an outdoor dog, and the owners didn't notice anything but the stench.

I wrote my previous article because I saw several pet animals in this condition, and it appears to be a "new" thing. People had never seen this before, and it is (or was) a rare condition to appear in a veterinary clinic. Yet I personally treated several cases of it, and saw several animals put down because the damage was so severe that it couldn't be counteracted. How do you replace the dead skin that has sloughed off the whole side of an animal? You can't.

In cattle, they wouldn't even need a wound for entry. The places they reported being "surgically removed" on this TV show are easy to enter: eyes, ears, udder, vulva, anus. Any orifice or any place that is slightly moist is the perfect place to lay on egg.

People - it isn't aliens or a Government conspiracy. These animals are being eaten alive by maggots! They will show no signs until the maggots finally penetrate the vital organs. Then the animals keel over and die, and even if you find them immediately, you will find these completely bloodless signs of mutilation. And of course, the maggots, that people assume showed up after the animal died.

They've been there: possibly for months.

I'm so completely horrified, and so disgusted with myself that I didn't realize this 20 years ago; the first time I saw it in a veterinary clinic. We disregarded it as an unusual, almost freak occurrence. It probably doesn't happen often in nature, where insects have plenty of dead things to feed from. In our human world, we are very clean and remove all sign of carrion from our environment, leaving nothing for insects to eat. Once again, this is a result of humanity's effect on the environment.

It's not caused by aliens. It's caused by the outspread of humanity. This thing is happening all around the world.

We did this thing ourselves.

Graphic video, but shows my point. The external signs of this happening are small.

We Must Act!

Cattle ranchers - farmers - please take note! Things have changed in the way we raise our animals, and the number of people we have to feed, it is true, but once again, no life should suffer simply because it is designated to die. In truth, these lives should be honored, as they are to be sacrificed so that we might live another day. Check your farm animals, dip them, bathe them, run your hands over your farm dogs and use your noses. Any scent of decay is a serious red flag.

You cannot look at them from a distance, you cannot tell a thing just by looking. You have to get out amongst the animals and check them.

Very Graphic - But Necessary

These maggots, packed under the skin, might look like a tumor, or lump, and nothing more.
These maggots, packed under the skin, might look like a tumor, or lump, and nothing more. | Source

It's Not Their Fault. It's Ours.

I hate flies with a passion; I can't help it, because of what I have seen, and yet, I'm sorry for that. They have their place and they serve a purpose. They do this now because the balance nature used to have has been unbalanced by human habitation; to hate the flies is the same as hating a wolf for eating a chicken. When their territory has been taken from them and there is nothing left for them to eat, what are they supposed to do?

If a fly can't find dead carrion to eat, it will eat the dead flesh around the wounds of a living animal.

Is anyone else as completely horrified by this as I am? No, I have no proof that this is true, it's all conjecture. I simply put together my own experience with the results of a study that appeared on a TV show. Still - isn't it worth looking into? It's more likely that this is the truth, rather than alien abduction.

How Life Should Be on the Farm.



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    • profile image

      Timbo slice 

      2 years ago

      Good work I think this is a well written hypothesis, thanks of a new look at an old mystery

    • TortisShell profile imageAUTHOR

      Victoria Ratcliffe 

      2 years ago from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

      Seriously? Did you read the article? The animals aren't attacked. They don't drip blood everywhere. The maggots eat dead meat and coagulated blood. They kill the tissues as they progress, and eat the dead tissue, not the live tissue. The animals don't struggle, because dead tissue has no feeling in it. No one even notices anything is wrong, until the animals drop dead, or they smell the stench of decaying flesh and actually examine the animal closely. Much as I would love to believe we are not alone in this universe, usually the most obvious explanation is the truth. And this explanation is horrific enough as it is.

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Stupid myopic explanation does not account for no signs of struggle EVER reported. An attacked animal would run and drip blood everywhere.


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