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Updated on October 4, 2015

Men's Best Friend

I grew up without dogs until I was a teenager. So when I would see a dog on the chain it bordered me, but I really didn't get the whole impact of it.

Not until I saw a dog chained at somebody's business...

This dog was chained to the building; living on concrete. He had a house, but the circle of poo around him and the fur missing around his neck spoke of what his daily life was! He was the sweetest thing and so lovable! I would spend time sitting out there with him every time my Mom had to see them for something. I had always had an easier time to make friends with animals or people that loved animals like I did.

I guess we spoke a common language!

Until I started Basic Training with the Border Patrol I would visit him often. I valued my freedom more than anything; and I understood how he must have felt!

No words necessary!
No words necessary! | Source

What a Life!

I can't say I never had to tie up one of my dogs. I have or had dogs that would go through great lengths to get out; taking the others with them and thus endangering them! When a lose dog of one of my neighbors kept showing up at my house while I was gone to work and even dug into my dog run, he ended up having mine dig out to go after him; one of mine was hit by a car and killed.

For years and years, being a bit of my own person myself, I took the dogs nobody else wanted. Some of them are not quite what you call a family pet. Some of them are not partial to other dogs or especially my cats and chicken; or will go after any female dog they can get a hold of. And if it means to dig under, climb over or even go through the fence... They would do it! I have spend hundreds of dollars to go as far as laying electric fence to keep them where they belong! But tying them up was the last resort! And I would never dream about doing the things I see people do! Some people just make me sick!

Where is the Guilt!?

I feel guilty when I can't have a dog in the house for whatever reason. They are pack-creatures and so am I! I seek their company and find it more satisfying than the company of a lot of the superficial people I met in my life! A dog's love is unconditional and freely given! The dog will respect you, love you faithfully, never betray you, protect you with their life, follow you to hell and back! Can you say that about a human?

There is this German saying that...
"That I love my dog more than anything;
You, Oh Human, call a sin!
The dog will be faithful through the Storm;
The human will wield in the Wind."

That is my translation of:
"Das mir mein Hund das Liebste sei,
Sagst Du, Oh Mensch, sei Suende.
Der Hund blieb mir im Sturme trey;
Der Mensch nicht mal im Winde!"

So why is Men's Best Friend banned from our love!?

A backyard in Killeen, TX had roughly ten or fifteen Pitties tight on short chains in a small backyard. The chains were barely 3 feet long!
A few of my former neighbors in Sanford, NC had their dogs in kennels at the edge of the property or chained to dog houses as far away from the house as possible!
A man near where I live drives a brand-new SUV, but ties two small dogs to one tie-out and one dog-house; they are always tangled up!
Another lady has two dogs tied up in the front yard. The small Cocker mix didn't have a dog house until I raised hell with Animal Control. Now he/she has a plastic box with a hole cut into it. When it rains, it rains into the box!
Another individual has a dog run nailed together with half-rotten boards and fence; the run filled with junk!

But what to do?! If you report them, they can get a copy of your report and your address! I lived in fear for weeks after reporting somebody; they had let my dogs out multiple times while I was gone! I moved away and left no address with nobody back there! And still I didn't feel safe until a year later!

So when I see it happen, I call Animal Control and sweet-talk, curse, beg, growl... If it doesn't work, I send pictures and postcards without return address; and pray they will do something about it!

A lady in Sanford had her dogs stolen when she reported her neighbor breeding bait dogs for the dog fighters in that area! Imagine how you feel when you can almost say for sure that your beloved dog ended up as bait. Because you didn't know the AC would give out your information!

I don't get it!

I really don't!

Most people that are not in rescue only have one or two dogs. So how hard is it to have the time to take care about them!? Even if you work and go to school!

Why do you chose to have a creature as pet that offers you unconditional love, if you do not intend at all to spend any time with it!?

I understand that some people keep dogs as working dogs. But if you have ever seen a real Cowboy and his Cattle Dog, a Soldier and his Team Mate, a Cop and his Partner, a Rescuer and his Search Dog, a Shepherd and his Herding Dog... you can see the gifts that are offered to you... FOR FREE!

It doesn't take much to buy a twenty food light-weight chain at the Superstore. A decent dog house can be purchased on classified sites for $50 or less. A bale of hay will cost you $5 at a Farm Store.

A bit of time spend with your faithful companion... FREE!

Nobody will ever love you like your dog!


Winter is coming...

...and I will be wondering how many discarded 'Best Friends' will suffer in the cold! How many will never feel the loving touch of a caring hand; or respond to that care in kind! How many will sit in their pathetic excuse of a 'shelter' on a short chain; and watch the singing and candle-light from the distance; unloved and forgotten!
How many will be forgotten in their back corner... until they die from starvation or dehydration!

Or simply by a broken heart!


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    • Cat R profile image

      Cat R 6 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      That's one reason I rarely have an unfixed animal in my house. I don't like the issues and there are so many homeless animals that it makes me sick sometimes.

      I understand that there are reasons that may force somebody to tie their dog up. But I wish they would at least provide the basics and some comfort! And I am a firm believer in dogs being pack animals and deserving a life within a pack!

    • Becky Katz profile image

      Becky Katz 6 years ago from Hereford, AZ

      I have seen some of the same. My beagle got impregnated by a chow inside her kennel. We had chicken wire on top of it, to keep her in because she would climb out. It climbed up there and fell through the chicken wire. I kept her penned up because I did not want her bred that time. She had just had a litter the previous heat. The chow threatened my family every time we went outside. The doberman that was attracted did the same and I had to hit it with a shovel when it went for my daughter. I hate it when irresponsible owners do not take care of their animals and cause other people problems with theirs. I had to take my beagle to the vet for the morning after shot and it cost me money that I did not have. The responsible parties did not have to pay it, I did.