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Charlie the Cavapoo is a Year Old

Updated on January 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, Charlie

It has been a while since I wrote about Charlie. He is now a year old and a hell of a lot bigger. It has been a bit of a shame for him really because ever since he came home to us. We have had builders working in the house.

I bought Charlie as a Christmas present for my partner Mags and she had been eagerly anticipating the day when we finally brought home. We have bought most of the stuff that we thought we needed and looked forward to our new life with Charlie. As you can imagine Charlie was into absolutely everything. Every nook and cranny, if he could squeeze into a space then he would squeeze into that space. You just couldn't take your eyes off him for a minute. If you left anything hanging around, then Charlie would start chewing it as I remember Mags lost her phone charger to Charlie within two days.

It soon became apparent that Charlie was quite an intelligent dog. It was quite amusing to see Charlie sitting up like a merecat with his head bobbing from one side to another. His little ears twitching as he tried to figure out what we were doing or saying. He took to toilet training very well and was soon using the pads provided. Before long he was doing all his business outside.

Nervous New Owners

We did however have quite a traumatic incident within our first week. I think it was around 8 pm when Charlie suddenly started to vomit and then vomit and vomit some more, Mags started to panic and we managed to get him into the emergency vets. The vet seemed genuinely concerned about Charlie's welfare and said that we would have to leave him overnight while they took x-rays and kept him under observation. I think it was a case of nerves really on our part. Thankfully he recovered and has been in very good health ever since. You will be amazed at how expensive it is when it comes to dealing with Vets. I would advise that you take out some kind of pet insurance.

Charlie's looking a little bit sheepish.
Charlie's looking a little bit sheepish.

Getting Better Every Day

Since those early days Charlie has become a loving and amusing member of the family. He is great with young children and adults alike. He is still young but he took to dog training brilliantly. I would recommend that anyone who owns a dog should take them to a professional trainer, who can spot any problems at a very early stage.

Looking after a dog is basically about using common sense. We have noticed that the food we feed him can have a massive effect on his behaviour. Some of the cheaper tinned meals can turn him into a hyperactive nightmare and so we have found a good all round dry food that Charlie seems to love. It’s a little expensive and we always buy a few different flavours, after all variety is the spice of life.

Everyone Should Have One

Exercise is also very important and so a couple of good walks a day is a necessity. We like to take Charlie off into the countryside where we can let him off the lead. He loves the freedom . He never roams to far from us and always has us in his sights. He is a little cautious of other dogs after he was attacked by a Labrador, luckily there was no harm done but it is always best to be aware of other dogs.

All in all we have found a great companion who will never let us down and we love him to bits.


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