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Cat Trees for your Cat's daily fun activities

Updated on January 30, 2015

Having cat accessories in the home is not only beneficial for the health of your cat but it is good for you as well, as you can save your furniture from unwanted scratches.

It is not necessary that you go for the expensive cat furniture or toys; you can easily go for the cheap pieces as well. One of the interesting products is the cat tree. It is very fun giving and your cat must enjoy the climbing on this tree.

Playing with the cheap cat trees is just like an adventure for the cat. It will be like a whole new play ground for your pet. With the presence of the cat tree your cat will be able to climb, jump and generally do many other activities that your cat was not permitted to do on your precious furniture.

Cats really love to play and stay active and live a bit on the edge. They also love sleeping and lying around but they share that time with a little adventure.

Cat tree can easily satisfy their instinctive needs and also keep them healthier and more active. A whole fresh adventure will begin for your cat every time she start jumping and climbing around the cat tree.

There are different varieties of the cat trees available in the market. It depends on the personality of your cat and also your requirements, that which kind of tree you really want.

For example, there are cat trees with a house in the trunk. Your cat can not only fulfill its requirements like climbing, jumping and scratching, but it can even get some leisure time in the trunk. It can sleep in their and can get some rest. Playing is a fun but the sleeping time is priceless.

Cat Tree Condo

You feel terrible when you want to sleep and when you reach the bed you find your cat sitting on your pillow. Once you shoo it off, it becomes angry and try to tease you again and again during all night and want to get back to its little and cozy sleeping spot.

If you want to have a peaceful sleep and also want to provide it to your cat then you can buy cat tree condo for your cat. Cat tree condo is very beneficial that not only provides the place to sleep to the cat but your cat can also play with it.

Cat tree condo is specially designed for the cats to give them the specific place to have the leisure time. If you are interested in buying the cat tree condo for your friendly and lovely pet then you will find the wide variety of these to choose from.

The cat tree condo look very beautiful and you can even place them in your room or in the lounge without any hesitation because they can easily enhance the beauty of the area.

There are different types of the cat tree condo available in the market which can be varied according to the colors, shapes, deigns, materials, sizes and prices.

You can buy one according to the nature and size of your cat. If your cat is big in size then you have to get one in which your cat can easily adjust itself while sleeping.

The other thing you must need to consider is the quality of the cat tree condo as there are cheap and low quality products also available which are really not functional and cannot bear the weight of the cats.

So, it is very important that either you buy the piece of low price or high price the quality of the piece must be good enough that can be long lasting.

How to Make a Cheap Cat Playground

Sisal Cat Tree

Cats are known to be highly physical creature that needs various healthy physical outlets. Often new owners adopt the cats and are not fully prepared to appreciate the real needs of the cats.

For their information the nature of the cat is very different and it likes to climb, scratch, stretch, and pounce. Any new owner cannot understand these things and may have to face some real potential problems. The best solution for such need of the cat is the sisal cat tree.

The happiest cat owner is that who can understand the needs of the cat and try to provide some facilities to it to improve its health and physical fitness. There are different kinds of cat furniture pieces available in the market with different features and brands.

One of the best pieces is the sisal cat tree. Cat really loves to climb up the tree and you may become upset when you don’t see your cat around and then you find it on the tree.

If you provide some indoor activities to your cat then it will not go outdoors and also you can keep your home safe from the germs and flea which cat can bring into your home from outside.

Sisal Cat Tree is often made of wood and is available in different sizes. The minimum height of the sisal cat tree is 3 and the maximum is 8 feet. The selection of the height of the tree should be done according to the size and age of the kitty.

The limbs of the tree are typically covered with the sisal. They come in many designs from Modern to rustic and from single piece to modular. Sisal cat tree has the goal to provide the fluffy and a safe place to play and romp.

The cat can even scratch on the material of sisal because it has the sturdy surface which allows the cat to scratch.

Lotus Cat Tree

If you want to provide your cat a safe and enjoyable activity then you can easily go for the lotus cat tree. The lotus cat tree is specially designed considering the need of the cat, it's safety and protection. It has the nice high perch and do not look like the kitchen counter.

There are also other trees available in the market, which are not that good as the lotus cat tree. Unfortunately all the cat trees we usually observed in the pet stores or even online are cheaply made.

Most of them have the loose carpeting, sometimes little threads coming off, splinter in the cubbies and sometimes even sharp staples hanging out.

The lotus cat tree has the typical shape of the tree with the trunk and the branches. This gives the very true impact of the original tree to the cat. While climbing on it cat feel itself climbing on the tree and it really enjoys and have fun on the lotus cat tree. It has a very unique texture and lines which you will not get in any other posts or trees.

You can even say that it is the new line of the cat furniture that you didn't buy before for your adorable and loving cat friend. The low pile carpeting and smooth wood are used in it. These materials are very durable and long lasting. You can place different accessories related to cat on different posts of it. Like you can place a perch on one post and on others you can place scratching pads playing toys.

Even you can place the feed for the cat on any one post. It is like a cat’s own place where it can fulfill all of its desires. Also you can place it like an interior article in your home because it can easily enhance the beauty of room.

Lotus Cat Tree

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