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Cheap Hamster Cages and Accessories

Updated on August 18, 2015
Flickr Image by Veebl
Flickr Image by Veebl

Hamster Cage Options

Hamster Cages

When caring for a pet hamster, you want to make sure that you have an appropriate cage for the hamster. You want to make sure that the hamster cage is the right size so that the hamster has plenty of room to move around and play.

There are different options to how you can house a hamster. You want to find the best option for you and your hamster. Check out the options:

  • A glass aquarium, which is great to allow the hamster to burrow, as hamsters are natural burrowers and diggers, but because the walls of the cage are solid, it will block in urine fumes, which can be potent to your hamster. The other good reason to opt for an aquarium style hamster cage, is that the hamster cannot kick out the bedding.
  • A plastic hamster cage, which generally has a plastic base with wire sides. Typically, you will be able to add tunnels and play things for the hamster. These cages are great in terms of reducing fumes, but they can be hard to clean since you will have clean the tunnels and accessories. These cages are also the better choice in terms of allowing more room for your hamster to play and "pretend" to burrow, but because the cage has the wire bars, the hamster will probably kick out his bedding while playing around.
  • A wire hamster cage, these cages typically have a metal base that is about 2 inches tall with a full wire top. The wire top typically has at least one or two levels, if not more. These are great in terms of easy cleaning, and ventilation, but hamsters will kick the bedding out of the cage, so be prepared for a mess right around the outside of the cage.
  • You can sort of blend the two cages by purchasing, or using an old, 10 gallon aquarium and purchasing a cage topper to allow a second story for the hamster. Although it still will be a pain to clean the aquarium bottom, and the cage still holds in the urine fumes, it will give the hamster more room to play.

Of the different types of cages that you can use for hamsters, I personally prefer using the commercial hamster cages, as they can be personalized with all the cage accessories and tunnels.

If you, too, prefer these types of cages, you will want to check out the following brands and the options you can choose from.

Super Pet Hamster Cages

The more common commercial hamster cage are those manufactured by Super Pet. You will commonly seen them marketed as CritterTrail hamster cages.

You will find different types of Super Pet CritterTrail hamster cages from the more basic hamster cage designs to the slightly more elaborate designs. The following is a basic list of CritterTrail hamster cages and how many hamsters you can house in the cages.

Note: Remember that Teddy Bear (Syrian) hamsters should be housed individually, so even if you purchase a cage that claims to house up to three hamsters, you only want to put one Teddy Bear hamster in the cage.

  • CritterTrail One- Houses 1 hamster
  • CritterTrail Two- Houses 2 hamsters
  • CritterTrail Three- Houses 3 hamsters
  • CritterTrail X- Houses 1 hamster
  • CritterTrail Y- Houses 1 hamster
  • CritterTrail Z- Houses 1 hamster
  • CritterTrail Dazzle- Houses 1 hamster

All of the Super Pet cages that I have ever seen have the plastic base and lid with wire walls and plastic accessories and tubes. I prefer using the CritterTrail cages over the other brands, but that is only because of the wire walls. Just be careful of the features that are included, as you may have issues with the different types of hamster cages.

Penn Plax & S.A.M. Hamster Cages

Penn Plax markets their hamster cages as Penn Plax and S.A.M. hamster cages. Typically, the Penn Plax hamster cages have the plastic lid and base with wire walls, similar to the Super Pet hamster cages, and the S.A.M. hamster cages are generally plastic all the way around.

But, that does not mean that you won't find solid plastic Penn Plax hamster cages or S.A.M. cages with wire walls.

Most of the solid plastic hamster cages are manufactured to provide a bottom basement type area where the hamster can simulate digging and burrowing to nest and sleep.

You want to carefully check the box, as many of the Penn Plax/ S.A.M. cages are marketed for dwarf hamsters and not Syrian hamsters. You will find that the Down Under hamster cages and the Small World Mini Deluxe cages are both manufactured for dwarf hamsters, so don't expect your adult Syrian hamster to live comfortably in the cages meant for dwarf hamsters.

There are many different Penn Plax and S.A.M. hamster cages that you can choose from. Some of the more popular include:

  • Cyber Space Module
  • SAM Here & There
  • Blue Knight Castle
  • Pink Princess Castle
  • SAM Wallaby Home
  • SAM Down Under Dingo

Hamster Cage Accessories

When decorating your hamster's cage you want to make sure that you don't overcrowd the cage. You also want to avoid spending too much time decorating, as hamsters are prone to redecorating their surroundings.

As for simple d├ęcor, you want to include a house and a wheel.

You can choose wooden houses or plastic houses. Penn Plax offers a number of wooden houses, which are actually great to choose because it will help give your hamster something to chew on without causing a potential risk. Plastic can cause a potential risk when swallowed, which is why wooden houses are preferred, but it's really up to you as to what you decide to you.

As for the wheel, the Silent Spinner Wheel is the BEST that you can opt to purchase, as it has a solid base that will not harm your hamster when he runs. The wire wheels have the potential of catching your hamster's feet in the spokes and breaking his leg. And, yes the Silent Spinner really is silent, which means no squeaky nights.

Wooden Hamster Houses

Hamster Wheel

Kaytee Hamster Silent Spinner, 6 1/2 inch Exercise Wheel, Colors Vary
Kaytee Hamster Silent Spinner, 6 1/2 inch Exercise Wheel, Colors Vary

The best wheel that you want to purchase for your hamster!



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    • profile image

      =)nerdler guzman 6 years ago

      this was helpful but are this things supposed 2 be cheap cause their expensive u guys sure take expensive stuff opposite to the cheap!

    • iain-mars profile image

      iain-mars 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      good hub - i've been looking for a new cage for my syrian hamster. thanks!

    • profile image

      philipbonde 7 years ago

      ideas on gerbil-cages is interesting one .i think it must be well place and have enough space to play ..

    • profile image

      Ash332 7 years ago

      I'm thinking about getting a hamster because I want a pet who I can play with and hold.I hav had 2 mice before but they were not right 4 me.But when I had the solid wheel my hamsters pooped on it and I had to clean the wheel once every day...

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 7 years ago from Georgia

      I only had problems with one or two of the designs, not all of them. I featured the brand, as it's a popular brand with many designs. I didn't set any features on any particular cage except the number of hamsters per cage, so there isn't any confusion. This hub is about choosing cages, not necessarily which are the best. Thanks for your input and concern about how the hub is written. I would definitely have added my concerns about the particular cages that I've used, if I intended this hub to tell people which I found were the best cages. Instead, I tried to focus on the brands.

    • profile image

      ryankett 7 years ago

      If you had so many problems with the CritterTrail, then why are you promoting it on this page? Just a thought, I appreciate that you will be deleting this comment - as I deleted yours so it doesn't compromise the sales page. It just strikes me as strange or a little underhand to see a hubber criticise the quality of a product on another hubbers page, whilst promoting it on their own? I didn't read any reference to the noisy wheel on here?

    • hamsterscages profile image

      hamsterscages 8 years ago from our hamster cages

      Thanks for this summary of the types of hamster cages available for pet hamsters.

      I especially enjoyed the sections you wrote on 'Super Pet Hamster Cages' and 'Penn Plax & S.A.M. Hamster Cages'. It gave me a better understanding about these brands of hamster cages.

    • profile image

      lady lady 8 years ago

      i have 2 cages connected w/ tubes, it works great!!!!!!

    • profile image

      kk 8 years ago

      My two dwarf hamsters fight all the time so i had to separate them. I bought the playpen for them and they love it. I put lots of toys in there for them. (=

    • profile image

      Erica 8 years ago

      I have a Critter Trail X hamster cage. It is less money and it is great.

    • profile image

      Nami 9 years ago

      Hehe... I have a Silent Spinner, and when I replaced the wire with it, Yuki-my hamster- went on it immediately. It didn't make a sound. But Yuki's feet did. XD

    • profile image

      SurprisedHamsterMom 9 years ago

      I hav a Crittertrail Three, I I would recommend it strongly. My two dwarf hamsters love it, especiallly my pregnant female. (Only revealed to be a she recently. She was originally mis-sexed).

    • profile image

      Candi 9 years ago

      I have a Super pet Critter Trail X Hampster cage , the sleeping area up above has recently broken a hinge, I was woundering if there was any way of getting a replacement part or all new sleeping compartment. It's been like that for a couple of days now, but our hampster escaped last night so I think it's a problem that I need to fix. Oh we found the hampster the next morning.