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Chesapeake Bay Retriever Dog & Puppy Tips Information

Updated on June 24, 2012

Did You Know?

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers actually descended from a couple of rescued Newfoundland puppies that were found on a wrecked English ship off the coast of Maryland back in the year of 1807. Later other breeds were mixed with the Newfoundland dogs to create the Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog breed.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Unlike many dog breeds of today the Chesapeake Bay Retriever has a surprisngly well documented history of ancestry and just how exactly this unique gundog came about.


Height and Weight for the Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are a relatively large breed of dog that measure roughly 21 inches to 26 inches at the withers. Males dogs tend to measure taller than bitches at about 23 to 24 inches tall; while female Chesapeake Bay Retrievers will usually fall within the range of about 21 to 24 inches in height. Healthy male Chesapeake Bay Retrievers tend to weigh in anywhere around 65 to 80 lb, and healthy females will usually come in at about 55 to 75 lb once they reach full size. But of course as with all breeds of dogs, there are always exceptions with both height and weight, so it's still perfectly normal for Chesapeakes to fall out of the average height and weight range for their breed and still be considered perfectly healthy.

Coat and Grooming Requirements for Chesapeake Retrievers

Chesapeake Bay dogs have dark brown to yellowish brown thick coats. The hairs are relatively short with a bit of extra length compared to other short haired retrievers such as the Labrador Retriever for example. These sporting dogs have soft and cuddly coats which require little grooming, but they do need quick brush ups roughly 3 to 4 times a week to prevent any forms of matting that can easily develop within this breed of dog.

Eyes and Face of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

These gundogs have exquisite eyes that tend to display colors between bright golden yellows, hazel greens, golden browns, and blue green eyes. Typically all lighter colored eyed puppies will be born with blue eyes which will change with age for Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppies.

Chesapeake Bays have loose hanging ears that are set high on their strongly resembling Labrador Retriever like heads.

Build and Body of the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Their builds are strong and powerfully built which aids to their high amounts of stamina. Their paws are webbed giving these gundogs an upper hand with their swimming capabilities that Retriever breeds in general excel at.

Temperament and Training

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers extremely bright, brave dogs that are noticeably talented with their obedience dog training skills. Not only are the Chesapeake Bay Retriever dogs easy dogs to train, but they also make wonderful, highly loyal companions that can especially suite families in particular.

Could a Chesapeake Bay Retriever be right for you?

Well, that's something that just depends on the individual requirements for both the person and the type of dog ownership requirements that the person or family is able to supply for the dog itself.

If you're thinking about either buying a Chesapeake Bay Retriever puppy or looking into Chesapeake Bay Retriever adoption here are a few breed specific questions that you need to honestly ask yourself.

1. Are you or your family active? Do you like to frequently go on walks, swimming, or hiking for example? If so would you be able to bring your dog along with you?

If you're not already living an active lifestyle it would be a very silly decision to go forth and buy a puppy or dog that needs higher levels of activity in order to stay both mentally happy and physically healthy. Do yourself the favor and dogs a favor by choosing a dog breed that will naturally fit into your current living habits and standards.

2. Do you both have the time and energy to brush your dog for about 10 to 15 minutes most days of the week by sitting down and grooming your dog?

If you really think that this would be something that you could do then that's great, but otherwise it's probably best that you look for a dog with different breed set grooming requirements.

3. Do you work all day or are you at home often enough during the week to be there socially for your dog?

Again, here we have another basic Chesapeake Bay Retriever dog breed question. Chesapeake Bays are highly social and loving dogs, your dog will grow both bored and lonely if you're unable to supply him or her with the proper love, care, and attention that many dog breeds in general require on a daily basis.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      This "free sharing" of iniromatfon seems too good to be true. Like communism.

    • Miss Lil' Atlanta profile imageAUTHOR

      Miss Lil' Atlanta 

      6 years ago from Atlanta, GA

      I agree, it really is sad when some rescue places will only accept purebred dogs, as if 'mix breeds' are any less of dogs than purebreds.

      That being said, I do like and support rescue groups that specifically specialize in the care and adoption of individual dog breeds, as in small or local dog rescue groups that focus on "Border Collie Rescue" for example.

    • Cat R profile image

      Cat R 

      6 years ago from North Carolina, U.S.

      Kind of funny how all of today's 'pure' bred dogs are actually 'mixes' between breeds. But sadly some rescues will only accept 'pure' bred dogs and leave 'mixes' behind to die.


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