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Chicken Coop Guide- Learn to Build Cheap Chicken Coops

Updated on September 14, 2011

For a long period, individuals who desired to commence a  hen house were required to renovate a well used shed or simply purchase some sort of pre-built one. A pre-built hen house expenditure is $500 upwards plus this does not necessarily eliminate the price of installing. The price of a pre- built hen house with installing is normally more than $1000. In accordance with Jim and Ann, that have developed ‘The DIY Chicken Coop Guide’, you are able to construct your personal hen house for merely $100 should you carry out some extra work associated with gathering supplies.

The method with building the hen house is described in a fashion which will be easy for everyone to be able to abide by. Individuals who really don't necessarily consider themselves the diy kind also can keep to the easy to follow directions as well as if you need assistance using the method, that is even accessible.

By using the diagrams as well as schematics it is also possible to discover how the hen house is made. Video collection offers you videos associated with hen houses. Additionally , you will be able to pre cut and pre label the lumber by using the lumber cutting plans presented in the guidebook.

The materials utilized in the constructing of these hen houses can also be essential since you would like to conserve the maximum amount of cash as you possibly can. The guidebook teaches you how to construct your hen house from affordable supplies which can be easily purchased from your nearby home improvement store.

Additionally, special thought has been provided to help keep the hens safe and sound from predators. The coop is raised from the surface level to offer safety along with one more advantage associated with this is that they are not going to be troubled by the chilly moist soil.

You can even give the hen house your personal feel by customizing and you can even scale the designs to support more chicken if necessary.

The items that you will have the ability to obtain with this deal are: ‘The DIY Chicken Coop Guide’: the guide teaches you how to construct tiny, moderate as well as big sized coops.  Special Reports) Chicken City Ordinances Guide: Out of this guidebook it is possible to discover what the laws and restrictions are in the area for constructing hen houses.) 6 Things You Must Do Before Building a Chicken Coop: This guide describes everything which are required to complete prior to commencing the DIY job.

Another highlight is bonus material intended for you that features a Video Collection as well as publications that assist you to master to talk chicken (A-Z), discover which chicken breed will be right with regard to your Lifestyle and Environment, building an Incubator and incubate your Chicks as well as building a Chicken Brooder and demands associated with Brooding Chicks.


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    • Isabellas profile image

      Isabellas 4 years ago from Ohio

      Yes, it was a book review, but I had to stay within the TOS and had to remove the link. So I do apologize for the lack of a link, but I have to be mindful of the sites terms.

    • Marilynn Britton profile image

      Marilynn Britton 4 years ago from Birmingham

      The article sounded like it was describing a book or a video but I couldn't find a link or the name of it.

    • profile image

      sammie sweetheart 5 years ago

      yeah i know

    • mdlawyer profile image

      mdlawyer 7 years ago

      Simple but very practical ideas

    • habee profile image

      Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

      I used to keep chickens, and I loved it! Great hub!