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How to Post Dogs, Cats and Pets On Craigslist

Updated on June 9, 2015

Twin Chihuahuas Need Loving Home

My family has recently come to the heartbreaking decision of putting up our chihuahuas for adoption. The decision was not an easy one. We have become extremely attached to our chihuahuas but because of family health problems we have come to the conclusion that it would be best for the chihuahuas and us if we found them another loving home. Adoption in our case is also known as "re-homing" with a " small re-homing fee" (per Craigslist guidelines)

Kawasaki and Kamikaze came into our life about a year and half ago, when our sister-in-laws chihuahua mother gave birth. My husband, dog crazy that he is , brought home the two twin chihuahuas at 8 weeks of age. They are fraternal twins which came out of the same sack from a litter of 5. Sadly we now need to find them a new home.

Chihuahua twin brothers

Kawisaki and Kamakazi are half applehead and half deer chihuahuas. They are twin brothers.
Kawisaki and Kamakazi are half applehead and half deer chihuahuas. They are twin brothers. | Source

Never Give Pets Away for Free!

Since adopting out the chihuahuas has landed in my lap and I'm an avid Craigslister , I decided to put the Chihuahuas up for adoption on Craigslist with a small "re-homing" fee ("sale" of pets is prohibited on Craiglist but you can ask for a small fee to re-home or "adopt" them out. This is a way to insure that Craigslist does not become a "dumping ground" for neglected or abused animals) Re-homing fees can include costs you have incurred for shots, care and upkeep of your pet.

Some people might ask why not just give them away?

To that I answer there are too many people willing to take "free" dogs only to find that their commitment to caring for them is not as strong as vs. "paying for them". Our thoughts are that if someone is willing to "pay" for a dog they will also be willing to "pay" for their food, their vet bills and care. It's too easy for someone to take a "free" dog only to find that they didn't really want the dog in the first place - but couldn't pass up that "free puppy". Now that's not to say that we wouldn't give them free to someone WE KNOW that would provide them a good home. That's an entirely different thing if you know a dog lover that would absolutely be a great fur-baby mom or dad.

Kawi and Kasi deserve a GREAT home - after all - it's not their choice to have a new home, it's ours. So it's up to us to make good decisions regarding their new owners. This will only be possible through thorough investigation of their prospective new owners. And believe me, many questions will be asked!

For really good information about why you should not post animals for free, read Craigslists policy and advice regarding pet listings. This information is a good read for anyone looking for a new home for their pets.

The Chihuahua Song

Kawi and Kazi - 2 Sweet Chihuahua Brothers

In hindsight I wish we had given the chihuahuas to a local chihuahua shelter that matches up animals to prospective new owners. The 2 twin chihuahuas have formed a special bond though now and we feel it would be unfair to separate them - so instead we have elected to find a home that will take both of them and be committed to them staying together . Our other 2 dogs are staying with us - 2 border collies named Simon and Karma. Simon is 10 and having health problems too (another reason we feel we need to spend more time with him) and the other border collie is my baby. Frankly keeping up and caring for 2 border collies is a challenge in itself, and hopefully we will be able to keep them with us.

So here we are at a crossroads, feeling bad for having to do this but realizing that it's the best thing to post the chihuahuas for "sale".

If anyone living in the San Francisco Bay Area is looking to adopt a couple of wonderful little chihuahua brothers feel free to email me. If you have any comments please feel free to comment below and thanks for reading!

(Dorsi Diaz is a professional writer and blogger. She writes about everyday things and loves animals)

UPDATE 08/17/2010

Since this article has been published I am happy to report that we found a good home for Kawi and Kazi, and the new mom was someone who found us on Craigslist. They have a new little boy to play with and a mom that is home with them. She plans on having a birthday party for them and will send us pictures of the chihuahua puppies in the future. We also let her know that if for any reason the new placement does not work out that we will take the pups back. We feel good about their new home and feel we did the right thing. Thanks everyone for your comments and concerns.

Poll on Pet Owners and Pet Lovers

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  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    7 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    @advocate) Thank you for the very important information. I appreciate you posting this comment for my readers.

  • profile image

    Advocate for Saving Dogs 

    7 years ago

    I do NOT recommend posting animals on craigslist or the classifieds :-/

    I have seen too many tragic outcomes from craigslist. The other problem is, breeders have been 'dumping' their leftovers under the guise of 'rehoming fee'. Continuing to do so, would be aiding in promoting back yard dealers, puppy mills and class B dealer. A class B dealer collects animals from such sites and can sell them for up to 200 dollars to labs to be condemned to a tragic life of testing:( The class B dealer would not mind paying a small fee if they will make an even larger one.


  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    8 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Ash) Oh yeah.....I remember that well......

  • Resilientmindz profile image


    8 years ago from Bay Area

    Very informative hub mom. I had a lot of trouble trying to sell my pit mix puppies on craigslist.

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    8 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Habee) Thanks and I agree!

  • habee profile image

    Holle Abee 

    8 years ago from Georgia

    You're right about giving pets away to strangers. At least if they have to pay something, they'll give it some thought!

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    8 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Thanks Lilly and Earth Angel for reading) I was able to find a good home for the pups. I'll be updating with the details. We feel good about their new mom.

  • Earth Angel profile image

    Earth Angel 

    8 years ago

    Blessings to you this morning dearest Dorsi!!

    I know it may have been hard to allow the post of my comment above; my respect for you and your quest for doing the right thing has multiplied a hundred fold!!

    My heart goes out to you!!

    My former husband had muscular dystrophy and his care became paramount, of course! At that time, we had a house full of all kinds of pets!! The pets brought him great joy, and his worsening allergies brought me great concern! His already compromised health was a race against time!!

    Looking at our little fur-family, I knew I needed to make some hard choices!! Had I looked at them as 'beloved pets' I think my choices would have been much harder than seeing them as 'sacred souls!'

    Even beloved pets sometimes get ignored with work, chores and laundry!! My husband was terminally ill and I was the only bread winner AND care giver! I hardly had time to sneeze let alone care for a dozen little eyeballs looking to me for their every need!

    Recognizing our pets as sacred souls elevates their importance to their more authentic level! We often forget their very real/valid feelings just because they don't speak English! They are spiritual beings and a higher priority than we often give them credit for!

    So, if we find during the day that we have even a moment to watch the telly, or talk on the phone with friends, or do the laundry, or even write a Hub, we have time to care for our sacred souls - either to keep them with us, or to find them a suitable forever-home (without putting it off on others) where we can monitor their health/happiness the rest of their lives!

    Like 'baby Sally who went to live with cousins!' We may not see her often, but we know she is there and doing well!!

    A forever-home is always the intention, but often not the case! That is why whomever ultimately adopts precious Kawi and Kazi needs to know they can bring them back to you at any time!

    Suppose that Kawi and Kazi go live with some wonderful people who know how much you love and cherish them! But suppose in the transition, Kawi and Kazi start having accidents on the floor, or chewing on things, or barking like crazy, or just not 'behaving' in a way the new owners 'expected!' Six months later, if the new owners aren't convinced you want them back, no matter what, if it isn't working out they will dump Kawi and Kazi, without you ever knowing about it!!

    Do Kawi and Kazi have micro-chips in place for ID??? That is really the only way to follow their progress if they ultimately move away - or change hands yet again!!

    I have ALL of the fur-angels I adopt permanently, as well as those I foster and place, micro-chipped!! ($20)Instructions are then entered into the computer data base under their permanent ID number that reads, 'I am the original caretaker of this animal who installed this microchip. In the event this animal is lost or stolen or sick, and the current owner cannot be located in a timely manner, please contact me immediately and I will assume full responsibility!'

    In the state of California, most all veterinary hospitals, animals control shelters, rescue groups, etc. have the hand-held wands that scan for implanted ID! BEST invention!!

    (Collars just come off too easily! Or in the case of my precious cocker spaniels, taken off when they were stolen!)

    Even the county animal service trucks that pick up dead pets off the road (especially cats who are allowed outdoors and get hit by cars at an alarming rate) will generally scan the dead bodies of domestic animals for microchip information before disposing of remains!

    A phone call in the middle of the night is not generally good news, but often there is a solid, happy ending!! (Not based on a fairy tale that Lucky is living on a farm - but based on sound information that Blackie will heal, her owners have learned a valuable lesson, appreciate their second chance, and will not let their sacred little soul out alone again!)

    My former husband and I chose to keep all of our little sacred souls, but let our friends and family help with their care!! Like children, the pets would go and stay with Nana for a week and she loved it!! Or two at a time would go with one friend in rotation!! This worked especially well for our friends who loved animals but couldn't have them full-time!!

    It was kind of the same set-up we would have had if we had been traveling a lot!! We would had to have figured out their care while we were gone!!

    The pets loved their regular adventures and became much better socialized!! They even became better mannered!! I knew they were safe and sound and could turn my full attention to caring for my husband's health!!

    I know you will make the right decisions!! I am so pleased you are taking all this to heart on behalf of your little ones who are at your mercy!!

    You are setting a stellar example for your kids, grandkids, and all here on HubPages!! Go Dorsi!!

    Blessings to you and yours!! Earth Angel!

    Yes, please feel free to contact me outside HubPages if you need more help!!

    Yes, my former husband is strong and doing well considering!!

    Yes, I did get my cockers back!! Lauren Marie lived to be 23 years old!!

  • LillyGrillzit profile image

    Lori J Latimer 

    8 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

    Ms Dorsi, thank you for this Hub, I thought I was going to be homeless again (recently), and I have a Byrd that has been my companion for 8 years. I contacted our CARE network locally, and asked if they could help me find a place for byrd, perhaps even on a foster basis. We emailed back and forth, the last email, she said, "it will kill you to part with your companion", so for another day - we are together. I would never breed Byrd, or buy new puppies. I think Puppy breeders should be regulated and limited on the lives they bring onto this earth. Like you stated, there are grandkids, and other precious pets that already need homes. Again, this has been rough, but thanks for sharing. Good Luck and the best to the Pups...

  • Dorsi profile imageAUTHOR

    Dorsi Diaz 

    8 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

    Thank you everyone for coming by, reading and commenting. I think I will look into the chihuahua adoption rescue and see if we can find them a good home that avenue. My husband has health problems and we are finding it difficult to give them the quality time they deserve. This is especially hard on my husband but after much soul searching he realized that this is the best thing for the puppies. We have always had lots of animals, cats and dogs, and now with the health issues find it very hard to keep up with our circumstances...

    Not only this but our kids are having kids and needing help, and frankly, the grandkids have got to come first. Something has to give and this is one of the tougher decisions we have had to make in life....

  • Sally's Trove profile image


    8 years ago from Southeastern Pennsylvania

    Your family has had to make hard decisions. Thank you for sharing your experiences in this Hub.

    I have never had to find another home for a pet, but I have been the home that was found. I'm not sure I would use Craigslist for re-homing a pet, but I've never been put to the test. I do know that no-kill rescues cannot always take the animals that come to their doors, that friends and family cannot always step in to help, and that alternatives must be found.

    Thank you so much for presenting the facts. I wish Kawi and Kazi the best of everything going forward.

  • Earth Angel profile image

    Earth Angel 

    8 years ago

    Blessings to you this morning Dorsi!!

    Your Hub just breaks my heart!! You sound like such a loving and giving person!! But sweetie, there are many more loving solutions to your situation than 'selling' your little bundles of joy!!

    If you look at Kawi and Kazi as having 'sacred souls' who came into this world specifically to love you and share with you some of the hard lessons/sacrifices in life, you might see other alternatives!!

    I am a HUGE fan of Craig's List!! People, please, please, please do not put your fur-angels up for adoption on Craig's List!! Or any other list for that matter!!

    If you wouldn't do it to a child, do not do it to an animal!!

    "A small re-homing fee" is just another 'adult' delusion!! That's what politicians do!?? Rename things so we 'feel' better about being lied to!!

    Again, Dorsi, I think you sound like an amazing, caring, insightful person!! You have given much thought to your circumstances!! I see people all the time make impulse decisions like your husband did; hard to resist such cute little faces!!

    What in the world are people thinking!!?? No one in their right mind consciously brings more pets into a world/society where we kill millions of them each year!! For no other reason than there are not enough homes to go around!!

    So the cute ones find homes, for awhile, as long as they remain cute and have no training/potty/behavior issues, and do not pose an inconvenience . . . and the others the new ones displace are destroyed!!

    Not 'put to sleep' as we like to call it, destroyed!!

    Once you bring these precious souls into your life/home, just like kids, you take on an enormous responsibility!! For the entirety of their lives!! They are not toys!! They are not often convenient!! They are expensive and messy at times!! But they are all God's creatures!!

    Please, do not take short cuts with their lives!! Having done animal rescue for years, and having sat on the Board of Directors for several no-kill shelters, I can tell you the probabilities that Kawi and Kazi get good homes the way you intend is near ZERO!

    Remember when we were kids and our parents (or our friend's parents) told us that "Lucky went to live with some nice people on a big farm and is soooooooooooo much happier??" That 'lie' has been perpetuated so often in our culture, as adults we still want to believe it!!

    Would you like me to email you the videos of sweet little chihuahuas being used as living play things for rottweilers?? Suffering and bleeding to death after hours of being ripped apart piece by piece by pit bulls!! Yes, their eyeballs are especially delicious to bigger dogs!!

    (You even have horror stories listed below in links in your own Hub!!)

    I speak from first hand experince!! I have done animal rescue all my life!! I have sat on the Board of Directors for numerous no-kill animal shelters!! And I have rescued these little near-lifeless pieces of torn flesh numerous times!! Some, I pay thousands of dollars in vets bills for if they are trying to make it, others, I hold sobbing while they are 'put to sleep!!'

    I'm sorry that is the hard cold reality a lot of the time - even though well meaning, loving, educated adults create fairy tales in their own minds to ease their conscience!! "Yes, they went to the nicest couple and will live happily ever after!!"

    Kawi and Kazi DO deserve everything you want for them!! And having posted your loving plea on HubPages, where a high concentration of amazing Hubbers live near you, is a good start!!

    If you find it just too, too hard to find a forever home where they can be watched over the rest of their lives, (like keeping in touch with foster children) then contact some of the local chihuahua rescue/adoption teams!! They do amazing work!!

    YES, you can specify that they stay together!!

    YES, you can keep them at home until a new home is found, or, opt for a foster home!!

    YES, you can participate in where they are ultimately placed!!

    YES, you can stay in touch with the new people to check on their progress!!

    YES, you can donate to the Rescue Organization for all the costs they incur while finding and checking out suitable forever homes for precious Kawi and Kazi!!

    I would not blame you if you did not post this comment on this Hub!! It is hard to take!! But please, please read it and take it to heart if you can!!

    Blessings for the right and perfect home at the right and perfect time!!

    Earth Angel!!

  • Whitney05 profile image


    8 years ago from Georgia

    I wish I could change my answer from 'no' to 'I could never let go of a pet that I loved.' I didn't see the other option... Should have scrolled down a bit.

  • Hello, hello, profile image

    Hello, hello, 

    8 years ago from London, UK

    Thank you for your lovely hub. You got a very good point there about giving dogs away. Wish you luck in finding a good home.


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