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Choosing the Right Cat Food for your Cat

Updated on August 11, 2011

One thing about having a new pet in the home or trying to keep one healthy is to make sure you are choosing the best food for your feline friend. Your cat needs the right amount of nutrition just as you do and there are bad cat foods just like there are good ones. Here are some key tips on helping you choose the correct cat food for your loved one.

1. What type of cat food is best for my cat?

A. The first choice in choosing the proper cat food is to decide on whether you want to give them dry or wet cat food or a possible combination of both. A good way to help you decide is to see how your cat reacts to each one does he prefer one over the other?

2. Choosing a healthy cat food

A. Generally the more expensive cat foods have higher quality ingredients in them. Just like people food cat food manufactures have to list the general contents of each bag. So looking at the back find out what they have in the ingredients can help you make the decision.

B. More expensive foods are not always the guarantee of quality vs quantity you have to check the backs of them to see nutritional content as well as wholesome grains meats and avoiding artificial flavors or coloring. For example the use of BHA and BHT symbols generally mean artificial.

3. Choosing Organic Cat Food

A. There are certain agencies that regulate human food there are also ones for our beloved pets so when looking for cat food and you see USDA certified it means the cat food meets certain recommendations for quality according to a national standard. It also gives you the idea that the cat food has been inspected and certified. There are a number of Organic cat foods available all are pretty much the same in quality. So choosing one she like is a matter of experimentation.

4. Choose a Natural cat food.

A. If your cat is very finicky on the food that he or she is eating and are unable to locate a suitable organic cat food another option is to get natural cat food. This cat food avoids using artificial flavors and ingredients and includes real meat, chicken, & tuna

B. These ingredients make up the natural product but remember organic and natural are different and come from similar sources. One the process of food is put into the back it is generally not committed to human grade food and is considered substandard for human consumption.

5. Choose specifics and learn to read labels.

A. Reading the labels and getting an understanding of the terms used on those labels can help you find a better cat food. For example the work meat can mean any type of editable meat where the term beef is more specific about what type of meat is in the food. Same with chicken how much you read on the label of “made with more chicken” how much is actually in there is very small.

6. Choose a manufacturer.

A. Choosing a company or product line from a specific company is usually the best way to go. You want to look for one that makes its own food and not something that is contractor out that way you know that at least minimum quality standards are being met more precisely.

7. Listen to your cat.

A. After choosing the type of healthy and wonderful food for your precious feline companion you have to see how he or she is going to like it. Some cats will love it others will not and you will have to adjust to their own individual needs as well.

If you already own a cat make sure you pay close attention if there are any different times or weight lose with your cat and be sure to address the issue quickly. If everything appears normal then it looks like you have chosen wisely and you have found what you need.


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  • Kadmiels profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Florida

    thanks :)

  • velvet53 profile image


    6 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

    Interesting article


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