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Choosing A Bed For Your Arthritic Cat

Updated on November 4, 2007
Cats get arthritis for the same reasons we do.
Cats get arthritis for the same reasons we do.

Your cat probably would argue that the best bed for them is YOUR bed, but they really need a warm nook to themselves. This is especially true when the cat has arthritis, for they will not be able to quickly readjust themselves whenever you have to roll over. Since feline arthritis is a painful, but treatable condition, you owe it to your (mostly) uncomplaining buddy to make him or her as comfortable as possible. This comfort includes the arthritic cat having their own bed.

Placing The Bed

Since your arthritic cat is going to have stiff joints and trouble moving, it is best to place whatever bed you decide on where the cat has easy access to it. Even if the cat has slept on top of bureaus or televisions most of their lives, they are not going to be able to jump now, and jumping down after sleeping will be extremely painful. Place the bed on the floor or in an open closet floor, under a table you don't sit at much, or any place the cat is both comfortable and can get to easily. Keep the bed out of drafts.

A Warming Bed

Consider getting a warming bed for your arthritic cat if you have cold winters or lots of rain the cats keeps getting drenched by. Warmth helps loosen painful joints. These beds are compact and are heated by electricity. Be sure your cat isn't fond of chewing on any electrical wires. You can smear lemon juice or stinky cheap women's perfume on the wires if they do chew on them to make the wires distasteful.

Warming cat beds work like electric blankets, except they are usually safer than electric blankets. Warming cat beds usually have dual controlled thermostats that help keep the bed at a constant temperature, usually the same as a cat's normal body temperature of 102° F. Keeping the body at a normal temperature most of the time is a great way to stay healthy. What happens when you get sick? Your temperature usually rises or falls. If your cat has to sleep on hard floors - even carpet covered floors - they will be cold most of the time. This will lower their body's resistance to illnesses.

First off, see that the warming cat bed's heating unit is removable. This will help prevent accidents. A warming cat bed should also be easily cleaned by you, usually by taking the cover off and throwing it in the washing machine. If you treat your home and cat for fleas, be sure you also treat the warming cat bed. Some warming cat beds come with warranties. The instructions should be easy to read and comprehend. A warming cat bed can be found in many pet shops, department stores, mail-order pet supply houses and on just about half of the sites on the web. Warming cat beds vary in size, color, shape and price.

But The Cat Isn't Having It

Sometimes cats just will not follow your ideas, no matter how logical and well-intentioned your ideas are. Some cats just do not like cat beds. Some cats like them, but only at certain times of the day. If a cat has spent every night of his or her life in your bed, they are not going to let arthritis change that if they can help it. If they prefer to sleep in your bed at night, or a couch they cannot jump onto any more, they will just sit at the foot of the piece of furniture and scream to be picked up. Consider getting pet steps in order to help them with their choice.

If you suspect your cat has arthritis, please take the cat to the vet.

Arthritis can make you cranky. Film by MaryCummins


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