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Choosing the Best Aquarium Decorations for Your Fish

Updated on May 30, 2012
The right balance: plants, gravel, accessories and aquarium décor all artistically put together.
The right balance: plants, gravel, accessories and aquarium décor all artistically put together. | Source

Why you need aquarium décor

Aquarium décor is an essential part of raising fish for recreation. It helps to enhance the beauty of your pet’s “living quarters”, making it the centerpiece of your home. When artfully arranged, it gives off a sense of elegance, peace and harmony all at the same time, even when everything else in the household is awry. Indeed, a well-decorated aquarium can turn an otherwise drab and lifeless part of the house into one really comfortable place.

And it isn’t just for aesthetic purposes, but aquarium décor also has its practical uses. It makes your fish stand out, and – depending on the type or species – gives them a chance to play, rest and simply be the alert and active fish that they are. They become not just ordinary pets, but loved pets, and because of this, they will be happier. And we all know that a happy fish is a healthy fish!

But best of all, you get to exercise your creativity. Your personality shines through in your choice of aquarium décor.

Cartoony aquarium decor.
Cartoony aquarium decor. | Source
Does he look familiar or what?
Does he look familiar or what? | Source

You are what your aquarium décor is

If you’re the quirky type, use quirky décor, like goth or tiki themes. If you’re a bit more conventional, the typical mermaid or sunken ship might be more your style. And just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate kid’s stuff. Cartoons and toys are for big people too, so it’s totally understandable if you put in that funny aquarium décor. The kind that pops open when the aerator bubbles come out, or characters from your favorite TV animation.

And please mind the shades. Vibrantly hued fish tend to blend well with décor in muted colors, and vice versa. If you’re having trouble trying to mix and match your aquarium décor with the color of your fish, never fear – that’s where aquarium lights come in.  

Less crowded, yet still pretty.
Less crowded, yet still pretty. | Source

If fishes could talk…

They’d tell you to be as quirky, as subdued or as artistic as you want, but to please keep them in mind as well. Some fish species can grow to be huge even if you bought them small, so an aquarium overcrowded with your choice décor isn’t exactly going to make them swim for joy. Or there are shy sorts of fish, who want to have a place to hide every now and then, so putting in sparse décor won’t help them much with their issues either.

It’s important to do some research – in fact, a lot of it if you really love your fish – to know whether your personality won’t clash with theirs. Some people buy the fish they want without really thinking if they’d be the right fit, but even then it still isn’t too late to remedy things. There’s still time to read up on your pet and do what needs to be done to raise them properly.

Raising aquarium fish is itself a very popular hobby. You can get a lot out of it without losing your sanity. It’s especially ideal for people who are busy with other things in life such as their career or family, as it doesn’t take up too much time, effort or money, yet still provides the same kind of satisfaction and fulfillment. The fish also provide great companionship if you really know how to appreciate them for what they are!


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