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Cool Dog Accessories

Updated on August 6, 2010

Cool Dog Accessories

Who's your best friend?

Is there anything we won't buy for our dogs? Faithful companions deserve only the best. Pamper them! We present a sampling of very cool dog accessories to make doggy travel much more enjoyable.

Kyjen Outward Hound Deluxe Pet Lookout Faux-Leather Car Booster Seat

For whatever reason, humans engineer automobiles for other humans. Steering wheels, foot pedals, and even seatbelts are designed for upright bipedal sentient lifeforms with opposable thumbs. A very cool dog accessory allowing you to ferry fido in luxury is the Pet Lookout Faux-Leather Car Booster Seat.

Faithful companions up to 20 pounds ride in relative comfort. Adjustable straps and a dog collar safety harness combine to ensure that no cat chasing ensues. Three handy storage pockets provide space for doggy maps, doggy sunglasses, and doggy treats.

Pet Umbrella (Dog Umbrella)

Our best friends tend not to watch the Weather Channel; keeping them dry becomes our happily assumed responsibility. This adorable umbrella / leash combination attaches to fido's collar and shields her top coat from inclement weather. Transparent plastic allows you to keep an eye on her outdoor antics. Dogs love having their own umbrella; it makes the cats insanely jealous.

Kurgo Automobile Zip-Line for Dogs

Many SUVs offer plenty of room to roam, but no one wants to fight the dog for access to the break pedal. This handy zip line securely tethers your pooch while providing a little wiggle room. Keep your pal confined to the back seats without extreme measures. Dogs up to 80 pounds will love this thoughtful gift.

Solvit 62283 Deluxe Bench Seat Cover for Pets

Make your doggy feel special with her own special seat in the car. This cool dog accessory preserves the value of your vehicle in a special way that your favorite pet will forever appreciate. Woven twill fabric securely covers the back seat to give your special friend plenty of room to stretch out without shedding on or scratching up vehicle upholstery. To clean, simply toss into the washing machine; no dry cleaning is necessary.

Kurgo Backseat Pet Barrier for Small Cars and SUVs

Dogs need space. A seat belt designed for humans hardly handles their unique restraint requirements. This cool barrier attaches between the two front seats and allows canines to roam about in the rear of the vehicle without interfering with the driver or passenger. Of course, we'd all love to have our 150 pound rottweiler perched on our lap as we cruise down I75, but this is a much safer alternative.

This device can also be adapted to divide the back seat into two separate seating areas. Dogs can be segregated from back seat passengers (we have no idea why) or dogs can be segregated from each other on the same seat.


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    • profile image 7 years ago

      Woof Woof, I hope my owner buys me an umbrella.

    • Robwrite profile image

      Rob 7 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

      I used to work in a pet store and we sold all kinds of stuff for dogs that most people wouldn't imagine. Raincoats and boots. Diapers. You name it. We love our dogs, don't we.