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Cool High Tech Gadgets for Dogs

Updated on May 9, 2015

High-Tech Dogs


Pet Technology

People think it's odd at how children are getting into technology and becoming gadget junkies at a younger and younger age-- so maybe it was only a matter of time before the family dog got in on the act. You may not realize that there is some cool techology out there that you -- or your pooch -- might find useful and interesting.

If you're a gadget junkie, you can make your dog tech savvy as well. You both may especially love some of the newer things on the market that may not necessarily make pet care easier, but will make it a lot more fun for you and your little fur ball. Some people think many pet gadgets go overboard, while other pet owners embrace the age of pet technology.

Up till now...

your conversations may not have been going too well. That's going to change.
your conversations may not have been going too well. That's going to change. | Source

Dog - to -Human Translator

Have you ever listened to your dog bark, whine or growl, and wonder what he's really trying to say? Well, the day has come for you to find out. A Japanese toy company has created a translator that can actually translate your dog's barks into human language.

Don't let the fact that it's been designed by a toy company fool you-- this company used law enforcement technology with voice print programming to read your dog's emotions (based on sounds/vibrations).The device then translates the sentiments into human words and phrases.
By some reports, pet owners claim the device seems accurate 'most of the time'... the pets will say things like "I love you," or complain that they're bored or hungry. They'll alert you when they sense danger or have a concern.

But this is one of those situations in which the buyer should beware-- are you sure you really want to know what your dog is thinking? Some pet owners who've used the device have complained that they'll never look at their dog the same again-- that they were disappointed to find out their dog dislikes them, is a major complainer and even uses profanity on occasion.

Cat lovers might be interested to know that there is a feline version of the gadget-- though by some cat owner reports, the old jokes about cats who think about overthrowing humans and taking over the world is has been confirmed as true.

The Twitterverse!


Social Networking Devices -- Yes; For the Dog

Have you ever thought about getting your best furry friend a Twitter account? Wouldn't it be lovely if your dog could tweet you when you're at work all day, or if you're out with friends and want to check up on him? You're in luck-- your dog can now be on Twitter like everyone else.
Puppy Tweets is a remote gadget that gets attached to your dog's collar. You then need to sign your dog up for his own private Twitter account-- yes, really. Not only that, but make sure you add him so you can follow him.

Throughout the day, a sensor inside the gadget will analyze the dog's movements. It will then use wireless remote to tweet one of the more than 500 pre-loaded messages to you so you can see what your pooch is up to during his day. Your dog might tell you he's snoozing, playing, eating or getting into mischief -- you never know what you're going to find. If 500 possible phrases aren't enough for you, don't fret-- more will be available for download in the future. Even more interesting, you can check your pet's Twitter account to see how popular his tweets are.

The only down side: it gets embarrassing when your dog has more followers tha you do.


Doggie Video Conferencing

You know those moments in life when you are on vacation or running errands, and think, "Gee, I really wish I could call Rover right now for a quick video chat to see how he's doing..."? Dream no more-- now you can. There are new products on the market that allow you to interact with your pet through your computer or via your Smartphone.

In your home, you can install a wide-angle HD cam, complete with speakers and microphone. Whenever you feel the urge to chat up your pup, or to just check on him to find out what he's doing, just push a few buttons. Not only can you see and hear your dog, but your dog will be able to see and hear you. Not very well, admittedly, as doggy vision doesn't make for very good screen viewing, even with HD. But he'll be able to see something, and he'll be able to hear your voice.

One device actually allows you to distribute treats-- remotely. Push the right button and a pre-loaded treats pops out on your pet's side. Your dog will truly love hearing from you when you're away.

If you've got a cat, one device (not yet released) will be coming equipped with a laser pointer you can manipulate so you can enjoy driving your cat nuts.

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    • shai77 profile image

      Chen 4 years ago

      Actually I saw on the news they are developing some kind of high-tech brain reading machine for dogs to give more insight to how they think and put their thoughts into words. These doggie talking machines may be a lot of fun but the technology is only beginning. Who knows were it will end up in the future? Thanks for your comments, WiccanSage.

    • WiccanSage profile image

      Mackenzie Sage Wright 4 years ago

      Ha! I would like to hear what my dog is saying. That sounds so funny. But I think video conferencing and twitter is going a bit far. Interesting stuff, makes you wonder what could be next.