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Countless Cats and Droves of Dogs

Updated on May 23, 2014

Raining Cats and Dogs

I was sitting at my desk, looking out on a rainy day. It was raining cats and dogs. There was, however, neither a cat nor a dog to be seen anywhere around. Funny, we associate a heavy rain with cats and dogs. If cats and dogs were to actually fall from the sky in droves for hours on end, what would it be like? Roads and pavements would be full of them, making it practically impossible for you to wade through. They can't disappear through drains. Nor could they evaporate in subsequent sunny weather.

Frightening Scenario

I sat upright. Another frightening thought came to my mind. What would happen to all those cats and dogs if they fell from great heights? Wouldn't they be hurt? How sad and sickening it would be to have streets full of cats and dogs, maimed and hurt!

Even if they were not hurt, what would be the plight of the men and women who were on the streets during the rain, caught unawares? Umbrellas or raincoats wouldn't be of much help. Would they be smothered by the falling creatures? If they were to break into a run when the rain broke out, wouldn't they be stepping on a few scores of hapless creatures, and break a few bones albeit accidentally and entirely unintentionally? What if a hurt dog or an angry cat were to chase them? More chaos and more confusion. More like all around mayhem, I should imagine.


Handling the Situation

When the rain stopped, there would be so much for everybody to do. The cats and dogs could not be left alone to fend for themselves. You just can't afford to have street dogs or street cats, like homeless people. No, Sir, no God-fearing or right-thinking man or woman could do that. You can't just close your eyes and go back to whatever you were doing before the rain started and pretend that nothing out of the ordinary ever happened. Whatever happened to virtues like love, mercy, compassion or human decency, the future history would ask of us. We don't want to go down the annals of history as the most selfish people with dark, loveless hearts, of all time.

The city administration could not be expected to do much in the matter. It can't be expected to do much in any matter, anyway. You may, if at all, be slapped with a penalty for littering the neighbourhood or for the reckless, wanton act of unleashing your pets to the peril and detriment of kids and senior citizens.

The poor creatures would nessarily have to be distributed among the city population. Everybody gets a cat or dog to look after. Maybe one each. If there were a surfeit of them, which is not at all unlikely in the case of a heavy downpour, you may have to take several of them per household. Now, how do you rear them? You would be having your hands full. If you were fed up with the feline creatures or the canine variety at home and decide to go visit a friend, what greets you there? More of the same.


Cunning Plan

Maybe you could palm off a cat or a dog to an unsuspecting friend or a naive relative on his or her birthday, Christmas, or some such occasion when you are expected to give gifts, as Baldrich of Black Adder would slyly unravel a cunning plan of his. The only snag to this cunning plan would, as Black Adder would be quick to point out to the never-exhaustible-repository-of-cunning-plans with the last ounce of patience left in him, be reciprocity! You would be flooded with gifts of the same genre, and generously at that, when your turn came. You would not jump into the fire to escape the frying pan, did you say? I thought so too.

Pied Piper And All That

So what do you do? Call a pied piper? If you thought along those lines, I must hasten to forewarn you, dear reader, not to consider the one of Hamelin. Not because he is partial to mice or allergic to cats or dogs. I am given to understand by reliable sources that he has been in a foul mood, with a scowl adorning his brows, for quite some time now over the shabby treatment meted out to him over issue of his wages on a past occasion. He would insist, I am further informed by the same reliable sources, on an irrevocable deed or contract, stating in unambiguous terms, his remuneration for services to be rendered, to be signed and sealed well before his 'Operation Cats and Dogs' was embarked upon. So much for the precautionary measure contemplated by him with hindsight. You couldn't fault the guy for not wanting to fall for the same con act twice, could you?

Nightmare Come True

My reverie was broken by the loud knocking at the door. I swiftly gathered my wits and went to the door, with a sense of relief that the deluge of cats and dogs I had been exposed to was only a dream. What I saw when I opened the door, however, took my breath away.

I saw a couple of cats and a couple of dogs, raring to barge into my house. Attached to the leashes was my wife who was grinning and gushing about her having just acquired the cute darlings to keep up with her friends! She was breathless and hoped that I would be equally excited about the new arrivals to the family! The house would be so much more lively and full of fun, wouldn't it, dah'ling, she purred. Now, it was my turn to be breathless. And speechless.

It had stopped raining outside and started raining cats and dogs inside my house!


© 2014 Kalyanaraman Raman


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    • Kalpatraman profile image

      Kalyanaraman Raman 3 years ago from NOIDA

      Thanks. As someone intetested in philosophical studies, I am sure you would appreciate that this very world which we habitate is an illusion. Imagination in an illusory world is a wheel within a wheel. Thanks for your compliment.

    • profile image

      saisarannaga 3 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Your imagination really baffles me.