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Cruelty Against The Helpless

Updated on August 10, 2010

 The stroke of a strong arm follows through

A back is broken a skull is crushed

A body frail and defenseless falls to the ground shattered and lifeless

The small furry body splattered with patches of a scarlet stain

The rod is dropped heavy boots walk away 

No turning of the head not a second thought upon his actions

This is what happens everyday

Our instinct is to close our eyes to such disgusting horrifying behavior

We let our fear hold our actions against this cruelty at bay

We close our eyes and hope it would just go away

Can you look into the liquid eyes brimming with trust and love and tell them how sorry you are for being too scared to take the stepst to keep them safe

My fellow humans

Take the blindfold from your eyes unclog your ears part your lips and let your voice come out

Let the passionet feeling against this ongoing massacre swell within your heart and erupt in a loud voice

Stand beside your loyal friend

Welcome him to lean upon you

We are their only hope

Be it forbidden that we stay silent

These are living creatures

They have blood coursing through their veins

They have minds open and nonjudgemental full of trust and love

They have a heart its steady beat reverberating within the sculpted lungs which God created in them

It is not mans job to choose when a life should be wrenched from any creature

Is it right for us to stand idly by and allow such treatment to continue

No it is we who need to stand up proudly shake off our fear of persecution and speak out with voices strong and unfaltering  and act speedily with determination and efficiency

We are their hope

We are their friends

So stand together pick up this cross make the effort


Save a life.


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    • profile image

      Apostle Jack 7 years ago

      There is more evil in the world than it is good.Let us pray for the strength and stability of those in need.