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DIY: Pet Hair Cuts

Updated on January 15, 2012

Things You'll Need

Oster Turbo A5 hair trimmer with combs
Quality dog shampoo
Clean towel
Animal brush
Old pillow or chair cushion


Pet hair cuts can be expensive when performed on a regular basis at your professional groomer's. With the right tools and patience, you can groom your pet efficiently and cost effectively. The initial investment spent on the right equipment will eventually help you save financially in the long run. Repeated practice for the beginner will result in aesthetic haircuts in time.

Step 1

Wash your pet with a good quality shampoo of your choice. Towel dry your pet and allow it to air dry completely before trimming. Dry, clean hair helps the trimmer cut effectively without snagging and hurting your pet.

Step 2

Attach the largest comb setting to your Oster Turbo A5 hair trimmer and plug it into the electrical outlet. Choose an area of your home that will have the least traffic and distractions so your pet will remain calm while you are cutting. An area with concrete, tile or hardwood floor is ideal for easy clean up.

Step 3

Position an old pillow or chair cushion on the ground if you have a small pet for you to sit on. Use a chair if your pet is large. If your pet will stay on top of a table try this option first. This will prevent you from having to bend more than necessary and will give you a better work medium.

Step 4

Start at the top of the skull and lay the trimmer flat. Bring the trimmer in long even strokes. Trim in the direction that the hair is growing only. With practice the tracks will look less bumpy and more uniform.

Step 5

Periodically turn off the trimmer and touch the blade. If the blade feels hot to the touch, it will feel the same to your pet. Take a break to allow the trimmer to cool off. Unplug it and let it sit for approximately 15 minutes or more. Test it before plugging it back in. Oil the blades regularly with the provided oil that comes with the trimmer set, this will prevent the blades from becoming dull before their time. Continue cutting your pet's hair until it is to your liking.


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