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How To Keep Your Dog Safe When In The Car

Updated on December 12, 2012

Non-Restrained Dogs Result in Dog Fatality - And Human Injury

It is estimated that over 100,000 dogs die annually because they are not tied securely into the back of trucks. This number increases greatly if we add in the number of dogs that are killed when thrown hard inside the vehicle cab from where they sit during a vehicle collision because they are not harnessed safely in place.

Keeping this cuddly face safe while driving is up to you. Animal safety is your resposibility!
Keeping this cuddly face safe while driving is up to you. Animal safety is your resposibility! | Source

Humans strap themselves into seat belts, lock doors, and behind air bags to keep safe. But, more often than not, dogs end up tossed in the back of a truck or allowed to move freely about the passenger compartment of our vehicles. This is not a safe environment for you or your dogs. Tethering your dog in the back of your truck or backseat of your vehicle can help keep him safe just as your safety belt keeps you from being thrown forward and potentially out of the car. If we take it one step further, we rarely keep a leash on our K9's when in the car. On top of maintaining their safety with restraints, a leash can be very helpful should your dog get loose during any degree of collision. The leash can be use to keep the dog under control by onlookers preventing him from running frightened into traffic and being hit, or worse, causing another accident.

Be a good dog owner, safe driver and conscientious traveler by restraining your dog while you drive. Even when on a short trip to the local market and especially when you set out on a road trip, restrain your family pet. Preventing Fido from moving around in the car can save your life, protect your dog's life and those who travel on the road around you.


The Dog Safety Tether for your truck has a durable clip that allows limited movement yet still keeps your dog in the safety zone of the truck bed.
The Dog Safety Tether for your truck has a durable clip that allows limited movement yet still keeps your dog in the safety zone of the truck bed.

The Safe Zone for Your Dog (see diagram above)

When driving with your dog in the back of your truck, (tethered safely) the area directly behind the cab (see above diagram) keeps your dog in the safest place. The half-moon shaped area prevents your dog from being struck by debris and bugs, as well as preventing him from being clipped by a close passing vehicle, branch or sign. The diagram above shows you the safest place to keep your dog secured in the back of your truck bed. Never travel anywhere without first securing or tethering your dogs in the safe-zone!

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