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Defining a Weak Nerved Dog

Updated on November 14, 2014

Weak nerved dogs tend to over react


A weak nerved dog is a dog that is fearful in nature and that resorts to avoidance strategies or aggression to deal with non threatening situations or people. In other words, a weak nerved dog is a dog that is naturally skittish and that generates an exaggerated response from a non threatening situation. This could mean a dog that will use its fight or flight instinct in situations that are not necessary.

Fight or flight instincts normally take place in dogs when there are realistic dangers. In dogs with weak nerves, these reactions occur unexpectedly because these dogs are quite unpredictable. Weak nerved dogs are typically shy dogs that are prone to fearful biting.

Typically a normal dog would not respond to seeing a stranger that pays no attention to the dog on the other side of the street. The dog will ideally ignore the person or at least, the dog may show some interest or curiosity. A weak nerved dog on the other hand may show avoidance or aggression and this is often indicative of problems.

Trouble with weak nerved dogs is that their weakness is not limited to the object of their fears, rather, their weakness is in their genetic core and therefore, more often than not, the dog cannot be changed. These dogs can be taught to cope with their fears and practice a bit of self control but every time they will sense something out of the norm, their reaction will be amplified because their weakness is often instilled deep in their genes.

These are dogs that get easily distracted and show a hard time recuperating from fears. They may have a hard time accepting new things in their environment or routine changes. They have a hard time adapting and difficulty recovering.

It is amazing the number of weak nerved dogs that are bred nowadays. With more and more back yard breeders, the number of weak nerved dogs is on the rise. Often, weak nerved dogs are believed to be ''protective'' when in reality these dogs are fearful and will charge out of fear.

Many times owners claim they have the perfect watch dog because he or she growls at people or objects and raises its hackles (the hair on the dog's backbone). This is far from being a good watch dog. Indeed, what this is in reality is a very frightened dog that responds to the slightest noises with over exaggerating responses. Indeed a weak nerved dog is not a good protection dog.

Trouble is that back yard breeders care less about temperament testing their breeding specimen. While responsible and knowledgeable breeders remove weak nerved dogs from the breeding pool, back yard breeders instead let them reproduce with no problems, ultimately replicating troubled dogs over and over.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to purchase only from responsible breeders that temperament test their dogs. A strong nerved dogs is a confident companion that can be trusted most of the time and with a stable, reliable temperament.


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