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Different Kinds of Pets in the U.S

Updated on March 17, 2023
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Josephine is a Social worker with a liking for pets. She enjoys exploring different kinds and seeks to understand why some are more popular.

Different Kinds Of Pets In The U.S

In the United States, a large number of households have one kind of pet. The most popular ones being dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, and fancy cats. According to statistics. Some pets are known to have a therapeutic effect on a person. As such, they offer many benefits to their owners, such as reducing blood pressure and curing depression for those who are physically ill. Although there are different kinds of pets in the U.S., not every pet is right for you. Some pets rank at the top for their popularity and gentleness and ability to comfort.

Importance of Pets in a family in the U.S. A

The majority of people in the U.S own a pet. Research shows they offer both emotional and psychological impacts on their keepers. Pets in most U.S. families influence the social, emotional, and cognitive development in children. Also, they promote an active lifestyle as they are playful, provide companionship, and pets like dogs can sense seizures or the presence of cancers in people.

1. Dogs

These pets are the most preferred pet in the U.S.A. Although there are many dogs in the U.S., there are some who are people's favorites. The kind of support you require from a dog is a determining factor in choosing a dog you buy. Dogs are intuitive and fun, which makes them a popular breed here.


This dog is famous for its stocky build and broad face. Families appreciate this dog because they have a relaxed temperament. And needless effort for exercise and grooming. Its stout build and short snout make them prone to overheating during summer.


These dogs are athletic and alert. They love compassion and pleasing people hence making them the most popular pet. If you are looking for a gentle dog, choose this dog.


This dog breed is the best if you want protection. Though with muscular and aggressive appearance, this dog is a great companion.


This breed has a small long and sturdy body and displays confidence in their demeanor. This small size makes this dog great for households.


Genetic factors are a common cause of a dog's life. That notwithstanding. If you have an excellent food habit for your dog or if you often look after its health. Your dog has a much bigger chance of living longer. But, well-taken care for dogs can live for at most 18 years.


According to reports, cats are the second most common pet in the U.S., apart from being a rodent killer. Cats have a friendly nature that is admirable. They offer a fantastic connection and friendship to their human owners.

Like dogs, some qualities determine if you will keep a particular cat. Most of them have credit with promoting socialization among individuals with physical and mental disabilities.

The Exotic

This breed is the most popular cat that people keep in the U.S. Preferred for their rounded teddy bear appearance and outgoing nature. Also, their soft coat makes them irresistible.

The British short hair

This breed is quiet and affectionate. The cat has large round eyes and a dense coat covering their body.

The Ragdoll cat

It has beautiful large blue eyes, and it has a habit of picking tricks. They are playful and understand when you summon it to play. These cats are cute as they have four patterns bi-color van, mitted, and colorpoint.

The Persian cat

This cat has a luxurious coat that requires daily cleaning. This breed is not as playful, and this explains why the Persian cat is not high on the list of popularity.

Life expectancy

Cats have a long life and can live a span of 15 to 20 years. Their longevity depends on whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor pet. Outdoor cats live from 12-18 years—most of them leaving up to their 20th birthday. The Cremer Puff is the oldest cat alive. having lived for 38 years.

3. Birds

Feathered pets like poultry and parrots are a fascinating addition to families in the U.S. Poultry is the most popular bird that provides food to families. But, they are also kept as pets and bred for poultry shows and used in laboratories. Some of them go to poultry's shows. Here are a few birds that most families.

Bird | Source


They are a colorful breed that most parents keep according to research. Parakeets are of a different kind, the most common being Budgerigar or budgie. Budgie is a sweet, silly bird that has a big personality. Parents love the small stature of these birds, making them fit into most homes. Also, they don't make a lot of noise, and they rarely damage furniture or toys. These birds make great company and love to show off as they play.

Lineolate Parakeet

This parakeet has solid colors and is a bit friendlier than the bulge. The cages you want to keep these birds should be large enough for the pet to be able to move around.


These birds rank second when it comes to the best bird pet. These parrots are pint-sized and a member of the cockatoo family. Their sunny and outgoing personality makes families prefer them. Their lifespan is 10 to 15 years.


These are cheerful and good-natured songbirds. If you are seeking a low maintenance bird, this would be your best choice.

Life span

These birds have a span of 10-15 years and may vary according to nutrition, care, and pets.


Most families in the united nation keep horses as pets for fun and as a form of exercising. Horses also provide an outlet for social gatherings as you attend horse riding. And don't forget, horses are easy to look after.

Life span

They have a longer life span of 25 - 30 years.

5. Rabbits

These make an excellent indoor pet; they have a brimming and adopt a personality.

Life span

They have a shorter life span of 1 - 2 years.

6. Fancy rat

These rats are brown. They are intelligent, friendly, and fun to be around, are a source of comfort. They are the most unusual pet in the U.S. as most people are not yet comfortable keeping them as pets. You can follow them if you do not want the attachment.

Life span

They live for only 1 to 2 years.

Factors to consider while buying a pet

There are some factors that you should consider before deciding on the kind of pet to buy.

1. Training

You can consider going for training that covers behavior and obedience aspects in a dog if you think of owning a cat or dog. Dogs training teaches them how to behave—reducing the risk of messing your house by, for instance, training a dog to use a potty. Birds and rabbits need less training.

2. Commitment

The average lifespan of cats and dogs is 10-15 years. Ask yourself if you are willing to commit to them for an extended period. It means that you will need to commit to playing and walking your pet, as most of them hate solitude. If you feel like you can't, consider other types of pets like fish that are less demanding.

3. Affordability

Owning a pet requires that you can afford food, grooming, and medical care. These expenses are unavoidable if you want to own a cat or a dog. Fish is less costly compared to other pets, as their maintenance is quite low.

5. Research

Be ready to research the type of pet you want to keep. You may find tons of helpful information on the internet. That can assist you in making the best pet decision or refer you to the area vet.

4. Lifestyle

If you are in full employment, have a busy life or travel a lot, consider before you get a pet. Your pet will seek your attention often, which you can't do if you are not present. It can either be providing them with food, walking them, playing, or even cleaning them. Your availability will also be an opportunity for both of you to connect and be familiar with each other. If your pet is a dog, it will differentiate between you and strangers and protect you.

6. Allergies

Find out if you have any allergy reaction to cats or dogs. You can spend time in friend's houses with their pets to find out.

7. Veterinarian

Before you buy a pet in the United Nations, check whether you can afford to hire a trusted vet in case your pet requires medical attention. Or you want to get more information about a pet


If you want to buy a pet, you shouldn't make a rash decision. Instead, there are some things you should look into before purchasing the animal you want to keep in your home, including your space, cost, size of the animal, and the lifespan.

Horse | Source
Cat | Source
Dogs | Source
Rat | Source

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