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Do Dogs and Cats Snore?

Updated on March 19, 2013

Pet owners generally allow their pets to sleep with them at night. According to a survey done at the Mayo Clinic, 21 percent of dogs and 7 percent of cats were reported as snoring. Puppies and grown up dogs are very similar to humans. It is possible to relate snoring cure for human as to pets.

The obstruction to these animals' nasal passage contribute to breathing difficulty and results in snoring. Dogs use 25 percent of their nostrils to breathe. The features of their faces can also result in their airways being blocked, since some dogs tend to have faces which are pushed in.

If your dog is snoring, its causes must be looked into. Some dogs have allergies which lead to their airways being blocked because of constriction. Excess tissue maybe found in their airways which can hinder proper breathing. Your dog maybe overweight, in which case you must try and ensure that you maintain a healthy diet for your dog. Obesity allows for fat to deposit around their throat areas. This excess tissue can cause obstruction.

Some dogs require a minor surgery and this will enable them to have relief. Before any such decision is made, be sure to consult with your veterinarian for proper guidelines of the procedure.

Comparatively only a small percent of cats have issues with snoring. Cats start snoring as early as when they are still kittens. Breathing patterns must be observed in cats. Breeds play a significant role in their breathing pattern. Some cats are heavy breathers and so are prone to snoring, while others are light breathers. These cats do not struggle with snoring while sleeping.

Dogs and cats that snore can cause a nuisance in the night especially if the owners sleep with them. Dogs generally provide companionship and have a similar sleeping pattern to us humans, but there are many pet owners that allow their cats also to sleep with them.


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    • profile image

      Loree 3 years ago

      Well done to think of sotheming like that

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 4 years ago from Arizona

      My little Chugs doesn't snore but he does make sounds as if he was chasing a cat in his dreams. Used to have a lab that appeared to be running while dreaming because the legs moved.