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Do hamsters make good pets?

Updated on June 29, 2012
Peppi | Source
Lunar | Source

Hamsters make brilliant pets!

Hamsters make fantastic pets because they are friendly, are easily cared for, cheap to keep and don't require a lot of room. Sadly my own Peppi is no longer with us, but I have many happy memories of my lovely hammy.

Here are some tips about keeping your hamster happy and friendly:

Allow your hamster some freedom every night (they sleep most of the day) and restrict his movements to just one room. The hamster balls are really good because you never lose your little critter, but they are still able to get about. Just be aware of the fact that they do tire easily when moving around in these plastic balls.

Hamsters must be creatures of habit because I noticed that my own hamster used to wake up at the same time every evening and bang on the top of his cage to be let out. He got to know what the sound of a potential food source was and knew that the scrunch of crackling paper was usually something that was going to taste good. One Christmas he stole an edible decoration from the tree (he had escaped from his cage that evening) and I found him dragging the cleverly unwrapped hamster sized chocolate ball back into his cage!

Hamsters make perfect first pets, but some things need to be remembered.

Hamsters need cleaning out every week. I use a litter tray for my hamster and he uses it like a cat would do! The litter is very inexpensive and it goes a long way. You can buy it from your local pet store. Some people recommend using the ordinary cat litter to save on expense - in this case I would ask your local pet store for advice.

It is important to give them the proper bedding - I only use shredded tissue and wood shavings. The soft cotton bedding can be dangerous for hamsters because the fine threads can wrap around their delicate limbs and cause amputation.

keep your hamster tame by giving loads of attention. Find a quiet place for the cage, away from other household pets.

An exercise wheel is essential to keep your hamster in tip top health and will compensate for him being cooped up in a small cage.

Sometimes when a new hamster is purchased not enough thought has gone into how they will be cared for. I have heard some sad stories when people lose them because of a simple oversight. It is best to read up as much as you can about hamsters before buying one.

One of the most important considerations is providing him with as large a cage as you can afford. Hamsters will survive in a small cage, but are much happier and easier to handle if allowed a certain amount of room to move around in. You can purchase cages with the option to add tubes and living space that can be added to as your budget permits.

People have to remember also that these animals have a relatively short life span so you must be realistic about the fact that you are not going to grow old together.

Sometimes hamsters can becomes ill if they have contracted a tummy bug from their parents or siblings (known as wet tail) or if they have simply become stressed due to beiing moved to a strange pace and strange smells. The best thing to do is to take some advice from your vet, who should charge a smaller fee for treating rodents.

My hamster had very runny feces when I purchased him. I didn't notice until I got home. I contacted the vet who gave me an antibiotic to treat him with, and I gave him nothing but boiled rice water for 3 days and boiled rice when he was hungry. He got better pretty quickly and rewarded me with his hammy love for the rest of his life. It is amazing how such a tiny rodent can have such an impact on one's life!


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    • janeallyson profile image

      janeallyson 5 years ago

      I have another hamster! She is so pretty and really smart. I love her so much - just trying not to think about her getting old and enjoying the time that I have with her...

    • janeallyson profile image

      janeallyson 6 years ago

      Thank you for your comment. It is truly amazing just what an impact these tiny creatures can have on your life eh? Bless him I still miss him and even though he has been gone about 18 months, I can't get another yet because I still get upset...

    • Jeannieinabottle profile image

      Jeannie InABottle 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Peppi was sooo cute! Thank you for sharing your hamster experiences.