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Choosing a Dog Bed

Updated on March 20, 2011

Types of Dog Beds

There are so many different types and styles of dog beds that it can be hard to choose which one your dog will like.

I mean, I purchased an either/or dog bed that allows me to plump it up like a house, or fold it down like a bed, thinking my Yorkie would love it since he liked to sleep under pillows and covers... Well, he probably would have loved it, but he felt the need to hump it. Needless to say, he lost his really cool dog bed.

When searching for a dog bed, you'll probably come across:

  • Dog blankets
  • Dog beds, or pillows (typically round, square, or rectangular)
  • Dog crate pads
  • Dog cuddlers
  • Plush dog houses
  • Dog sofa couches
  • Heated dog beds
  • Cooling dog beds (waterbeds)

Scroll through this page to find key tips to picking out the best dog bed for your dog. Plus, maybe you'll see something you like with the featured items that are available.

Choosing a Dog Bed

When trying to pick out a dog bed, the first thing that you want to consider is the size of your dog. Is he small, medium, large, or extra large? If you think about it, there's really no need to buy a 7 pound Chihuahua a medium sized dog bed that would fit a Beagle.

Also, take into account the age of your dog. Some older dogs, especially those who suffer canine arthritis, will appreciate the orthopedic dog beds. You can find both heated and cooling dog beds. These beds are also beneficial for sick dogs, as well as older dogs.

Next, you want to think about the type of dog bed that you think your dog will be the most comfortable using. Looking at the list I have above, you'll want to take into account dog blankets and crate pads will be much thinner than a pillow. The cuddler dog beds, are those with sides so that you dog can cuddle up to the bed. Plush dog houses, are dog beds that have a cover and typically look like a little house; these are great for dogs who like a little comfort or like to hide when taking naps.

You'll not only want to consider the type of bed, but also what's used to fill the inside of the dog bed. Some dog beds are filled with cotton, others down feathers, and some are even filled with hay. Although, you're going to find that most dog beds are filled with foam, which is easy to wash, but you'll also find cedar-filled beds, which are stuffed to repel fleas.

Tips for Picking out A Dog Bed

You want to also consider that cedar- filled dog beds will need to be refilled every so often, so make sure that you have the option to re-fill the bed, before you bring it home.

Take into account where you plan on putting the dog bed, as you may want to match your décor and color. You can typically find tons of options in terms of colors of dog beds, but the more common colors will include burgundy, blue, navy, hunter green, and tan.

Make sure that the cover to the dog pillow is removable because this will make cleaning so much easier, as all you'll have to do is unzip or un-velcro and throw in the washing machine.

Again, when taking into the size of your dog, you want to make sure that he can lay down on his belly, side, and even back, without his feet and head falling off the bed, pillow, or sofa.

Buy a Dog Bed Online

When picking a new dog bed for your favorite pooch, you never want to discount the fancy expensive ones or the averaged priced regular ones. You want to always look for a bed that will benefit your dog. More than likely, though, you'll find a better deal on a dog bed while searching online than searching at the store.

Typically the dog sofa beds are pretty expensive at the store, but I've seen a number of discount dog couches on ebay.

You can find tons more options and choices online than you can at your local pet store. So definitely check out online sellers on ebay when searching for your new dog bed.


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I am having some difficulty deciding on a type of dog bed. Most articles say that a dog's sleeping pattern should determine the shape of a bed (round, rectangle, bolster, donut, etc). My dog tends to change sleeping positions constantly depending on the time of day. During the morning/early afternoon, she tends to curls, crawl into her crate, or make a nest/fort out of the pillows and couch cushions. It seems that she likes to have walls. But later in the day, at night, or if it is hot, she completely stretches splayed out on the floor or couch(either on her side or on her belly). The stretched out position is the only one I've noticed when she actually drifts into a deep sleep. So what kind of bed would you recommend for a dog who doesn't seem to have a regular sleeping position?

    • Tracy711 profile image


      9 years ago

      This was very helpful thank you. I have not decided what type of bed to get yet. My puppies do have a pillow and they lay on it during the day for naps. However they still sleep with me on my bed at night. I don't mind I love my doggies but sometimes it's a little crowded.

    • esocial profile image


      9 years ago from California

      There are a lot of dog beds to choose form ,you're right. And some are sky high. Shop online = good tip!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thanks for showing all the variety of doggie beds. I wish somebody did he same for us single women who need love, care, and attention. Your research is so thorough; no wonder you're way up in the hub stratosphere!


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