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Dog Breeding Pros and Cons

Updated on March 26, 2009

As you can tell if you read my other hubs I am a big dog fan. My other hubs are all about dogs. I love them including my three dogs. I have a whole hub on them and special they are to me. Anyways lately I have been thinking about ways to make money. Just some quick bucks, because right now I am in school and don’t have time for a full time job. We use to breed dogs when I was little and I decided to put extreme thought into this. Then I thought okay well I’m going to need this for the mom, this for the puppies then their shots and worming. So I would have to breed an expensive dog just to make a profit. Maybe a rare dog. Then how would I pay for the parents? In this hub I’m going through step by step to see If I actually if you spend more money or make more money breeding dogs. This Hub will take days and weeks to write. So I will have it unpublished until I complete it.

Step 1- Check into which breed you like the best, that suits your lifestyle and one that is also very popular around the crowd but also expensive.

I choose the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They are not extremely high maintenance, they are great outside dogs plus they are very wanted among the crowd. They are beautiful and with a shelter rather be outside, in the hot and cold. They are small but very durable. I will look in to the price of a AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I will be getting older male and female. I will not get them at the puppy age.

Step2-Find a suitable breeder and choose carefully your two adult dogs. Make sure they are not related and are healthy, mentally and physically. Usually when they are older they should already be registered. If not demand to see papers and make sure they still can be registered before you pay full price for the dog.

I bought a female corgi who is tri colored. She is 2 years old. Never had a litter before but she is AKC registered. Her name is Twilight and she absolutely beautiful. I am now searching the web for my male. On I found a male who is Red with white markings. His red is very light. He is AKC registered and a year and a half old. His name is Turbo. This is a perfect match and I plan to call within the next hour or so to meet up and look at him and ask questions and I will make sure he gets along with Twilight. In a couple of days I will report back.

Yesterday things went good, Twilight and I fell in love with Turbo. After checking all the information with the breeder and checking his health, I purchased him. He is a smart young dog and is full of energy. Over the next couple of days I will test the two on their behavior towards children, other dogs, and house training. (Both Breeders said they were house trained and loved children and other animals, I will test this) I will check back in a couple of days.

Things have gone good both dogs like children, arent scared of loud noises and are very good with dogs and small animals. (this was professionally done, I don't advise anyone to do this without professional supervision) Turbo was a tad food agressive but time and trust can heal that. So now begins the budgeting. I am going shopping in the next couple of hours and will pick out supplies we need for the mother and father for the beginning of the breeding, also I will right down all the money spent towards the dogs. Right now they are separated, being how she is in heat. I will return within hours.

I'm back! Okay. so I got all of these products:

  • Precision Outback Log Cabin House (2) for the price of: $139.99 each.
  • Pet Safe box kennels (2) for the price of: $224.99 each
  • Petmate Le Bistro Waterers (2) and Feeders (2) for: $14.99 each
  • Natures Recipe Farm Stand Selects dog food for: $43.49
  • New Pedigree Healthy immune system in cans (10) for: $0.99 each
  • Caddis Couch Style Dog beds (2) for: $69.99 each
  • Pooper Scooper by Flexrake for the price of: $14.99
  • Lil Paw Reflective Nylon Collars (2) for: $7.99 each

I purchased everything at Petsmart. I bought 2 dog houses and 2 kennels for them to be together during breeding, once Twilight is offically pregnant then I wiil remove the extra kennel and leave them separate for the safety of both dogs. I also bought 2 extra dog bowls ahead of time, for Turbo. I bought the best of best dog food for them and I bought her special canned food for her now and while she is pregnant to keep her healthy. I bought then luxurious dog beds to go in thier houses. I bought a pooper scooper to keep there space clean. I will take them out everyday and exercise them but they need a clean space for during the day. To keep bacteria away from Twilight. I also for my own liking bought collars that match. One is green and one is pink. =]

In total the amount of money spent on the dogs (purchase of AKC registers and the supplies to get them settled in, including collars) is: $2, 415.

Will one litter of puppies even make this up? We will see. I am now placing the dogs together. They will be monitored for any mounting and breeding behavior. then in 2 weeks i will take her to the vet to confirm her pregnacy. Wish me Luck!

Okay so it is two days later and it looks like they are not even trying to breed. This is'nt going very well. They play too much, their is no heated situations at all. They act they want to be friends instead of mates. She only has 3 more days of her heat period left. If they dont tango by then, I'm writing this hub in failure of my readers. I refuse to force them to breed. So we will see what happens.

Okay yesterday was a sucess. It was her last day in heat, and I walked outside to feed them and they were sucessfully stuck. Next week I will remove Turbo. Let's hope this goes well =]

Today I purchased puppy food, she need the nutrision from it. The bag cost $10.99. I also took Turbo out she has a vet appointment in 4 days to get a sonogram. I will find out the number of pups and their health. She seems to being doing fine, I have not added any extra food to her cups and she seems to be gaining weight. This is a good sign. I will give her more food when they confirm her pregnancy.

WE HAVE PUPPIES!!! The doctor said they were great, and she seems to be doing well, she said I need to mix a cup of yogurt with her food once a day and feed her twice a day. 3 cups everytime fed. She said it looks like a total of 6 or 7. they sound like they have healthy hearts. She said to limit her exercise. I purchased dog food and yogurt after the visit which came to another $43.99 plus $8.96. The day they conceived means she will be due around Febuary 2nd. The Puppies will be able to go to homes on March 23rd if they doctor was correct, that is a couple of months away. Dogs stay pregnant for 58 to 68 days usually about 63 days.

Today was not her doctors appointment but I would like to note she is doing well and showing many signs. She is nesting, gaining wait and mother small things. She has been coming in my house due to the weather and she was mothering my shoes when I woke up. She laid with them a licked them softly. Her appoinment is tomorrow I will check in then.

Her appointment went great, I dont have alot of time to type, I have Turbos kennel piles to tend to. She is healthy and happy. All puppies sound find. Estimate is still around 6 puppies, maybe 7. I must continue on her diet and keep her from exercising too much. She is due in 2 weeks.

I had to take her to the vet today she was leaking discharge and I was scared to death. The vet examined her and said everything was okay, sometimes it's normal but if it gets leaking constantly then bring her back in. Today I also received her first 2 vet bills which add up to : $1,257 dollars together.

WE HAD PUPPIES TODAY!! 8 in total. They are all tri colored. We have 5 females and 3 males. They all seem happy and healthy. She seems to be having some more contratcions. She might have another one. right now I am getting her a box fixed up to lay with the puppies in. She gave birth on my guest bed. (Thats great) and she acts like she is still in pain. If it doesnt were off in an hour, I will be packing up and going to the vets.

Okay so she had another little male puppy, this one looks just like Turbo, same markings and everything. He is the runt but he seems healthy and happy. Her contractions have stopped. She seems fine, just tired. Turbo seems to know excitment is going on he dug out of his kennel and is sitting at the back door howling. I will let him play with the puppies at an older age, but for safety procatutions they need to be separate. She is very thirsty and even I feel exausted. In 3 days I have to take them to the vet. They will have a check up and tails docked. The mom will also have a check up. Right now I have to take a nap, like the puppies and Twilight are doing.

Today was the appointment. They got there tails docked and they all seem to be very happy and healthy said the vet. Twilight is fine. Turbo is very happy to see twilight. It was a relieve to him when I let her outside the next day. He seems like a very worried father. Twilight takes good care of them. Even the runt it looking good.

Today the puppies are a little active today witin the next couple of day they will probably open their eyes. I went today and bought the at home (do it yourself) shots for the puppies. It was a total cost of $63.12. A total of 7 dollars per puppy. I will be sure to catch you up in a couple of days.

The puppies opened their eyes today, they also are walking better. Their legs are starting to stiffen up.

The puppies are 5 weeks old and on full blast. they get into everything. I have started to let them out on nice days to play in the pen. They are now starting to eat puppy food out of the cans. I bought them yesterday for $0.99 each. I bought a total of 10 because it takes two to feed the whole litter. Turbo is very anxious to play but hes acts too rough. Maybe at the 6 weeks mark.

Today I took alot of pictures of them today. If I can figure out how to work my camera on the computer then I will post pictures. I made pictures of Twilight and Turbo in frames they look like royalty. I will post them, but the puppies I can not promise. Today I also posted in the newspapers Corgi puppies for sale. I settled on the sale price of $500 dollars each. i also sent requests for their paper information today.

I am having a cook out today for the puppies. everyone who has called about them is invited to come and get to know the puppy and also know Turbo and Twilight. I am making hambergurgers on the grill. I have 9 families coming hopefully this goes good and all the puppies get a loving home. This will be hard. I got their papers in today and they are 7 weeks old. I bought a bag of dry dog food for $15.99 four days ago. Her vets bills also came in. They were a total of $789.71

The total cost: $3,352.33

Of breeding a small and durable dog. This has been a wonderful expericence and I am going to be very sad to see them go. I would like to say thanks to everyone who is buying a puppy take good care. Thanks to petsmart for providing the supplies, thanks to the newspaper to get the news out. thanks to Twilight and Turbo, who were so great through this experiment. i plan to breed them one more time. thanks to all the dog breeders who do good at what they do, I understand why you do it. Seeing the miracles grow then giving them to someone in need. Thanks to all who is reading. I will report back in a couple of days.

Today all the puppies found a home. They were bought and taken home today. They all were shy and scared. I cried when every single one left. The cook out went great. Except one family backed out and didnt want the puppy that was left. It was the only one that looked like Turbo. So after everyone left and the cook out was over I went to the puppies and picked him out and looked him straight in the eyes. You could tell he felt like he was not wanted. So I told him "Dont be sad, you already have a home!" His name is Tucker and he is mine!! He stayed here while the rest of the puppies went. (Also** Thanks to hubpaages for letting me have the space for this and the pictures.) I added a picture of Tucker on there today.

It's March 25, 2009 and I have accomplished my goal.

(Thanks to the readers who take time out there day to actually care for something. My heart goes out to you. Hope you enjoy this one.)



This is Princess Twilight
This is Princess Twilight
This is Prince Turbo
This is Prince Turbo
pups at 6 weeks old.
pups at 6 weeks old.
a pup at 7 weeks old.
a pup at 7 weeks old.
a pup at 7 weeks old.
a pup at 7 weeks old.
Lil cutie
Lil cutie
Little twilight
Little twilight
Little Turbo (Tucker)
Little Turbo (Tucker)


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