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Dog Christmas Gifts

Updated on April 23, 2012

 It's that time of year again, when the western world goes crazy for buying lots of stuff, not just for the humans in their lives, but also for their pets.  After all pets enjoy gifts as much as people - well, ours do!

We tend to buy our two Jack Russels lots of little chews and treats, then one big toy and maybe a cuddly toy each, so I thought I'd share some good value toys that we've bought over the last few years.

Dog Babble ball

 We bought this toy for both our dogs last year, but Archie seems to think it belongs only to him.  We bought him the Babble Ball which makes animal noises rather than the one which says cute phrases.  He has never become bored with this toy, and plays with it every single day.  The downside is it's quite noisy, as not only does the ball make animal sounds, but Archie feels the need to talk back and sing to it.  He usually plays with this when we're watching TV in the evening, usually in the closing minutes of a programme, so that we never hear what happens in the end!

it's a pretty robust toy, as we have solid floors and it's really been knocked about, plus the fact that when not playing with it, he's trying to gnaw his way into it to find out what's making the noises.  In the last year we've had to change the batteries once (it takes a camera battery) and that was really easy to do.  We couldn't face Archie making puppy eyes at us because his toy didn't talk!

Bubble Blower - Bacon Flavour Bubbles

We bought this toy for our dogs a couple of years ago, and it's as much of a hoot for the humans as the dogs, and caused hysetrical laughter in the back garden on Christmas morning (not sure what the neighbours thought). 

You fill the tank with flavoured bubbles, we have chicken and bacon flavour, fill the machine with batteries (it takes 4x1.5v), then at the flick of a switch it pumps out bubbles so that the kids, big kids and dogs can race around the garden snapping and chasing to catch them.

It's easy to use and the bubble solutions are easy to find, but it's a bit fiddly to clean after, and the tank uses alot of bubble solution.

Kong Goodie Ship

Like all Kongs, this one is robust and will take alot of wear and tear.  The joy of this toy is that because of its flying saucer shape, it bounces and moves unpredictably, and Russels love to have something a bit unpredictable to chase.   We stuff it with peanut butter, or coachies and it keeps the dynamic duo amused for a good half hour, or so, but not as amused as they are with the vacuum cleaner, which must be destroyed at all costs!

Magenta Pet Store

Buy the featured products and much more at Magenta Pet Store.  Click here to view the products.

Coachies Dog Treats

 My dogs nearly always have a packet or drum of these in their Christmas stockings.  They are their favourite; small heart shaped treats, great for dogs with sensitive stomachs, which terriers seem to have.  Because the treats are tiny, they're good for stuffing into toys, without piling on the calories for your dog.  They also make good training treats, as the name suggests.

Archie - without Dog Jumper

Dog Sweaters

Archie has very fine fur, and feels the cold easily, so both dogs have a dog sweater from Equafleece. They are Polartec fleeces, designed for dogs who love the outdoors. Both jumpers for Zebedee and Archie have polo-necks, Archie's fleece is bright red, and Zebedee's is purple with a leopard-skin collar, just right for winter on Dartmoor! we've never found other dog coats which fit quite as well as these, yet allow the dog unrestricted movement. Because they're fleece, they wash and dry very well too.

Equafleece also do fleeces for humans and horses too.


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    • i scribble profile image

      i scribble 8 years ago

      Great ideas--especially the bubble blower & the babble ball. Hope I can find them! Did they come from PetSmart or somewhere else?

    • Frugal Fanny profile image

      Frugal Fanny 8 years ago from BC

      When I was young, my grandparents had a Samoyed named (go figure) Sammy. Every year, they would buy gifts for Sammy to "give" to us in his name, by attaching them somehow to his collar. One year, his gift to me was a little glass cinderella slipper pendant on a silver chain.

      We have always given our pets little christmas gifts, but my grandparents made sure the pets gave gifts too!

    • Georgina_writes profile image

      Georgina_writes 8 years ago from Dartmoor

      Absolutely - our dogs would sulk if we forgot them!

    • tksensei profile image

      tksensei 8 years ago

      Gotta remember our four-legged friends at Christmas!

    • Jaspal profile image

      Jaspal 8 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Nice hub Georgina, and great ideas. We have two cocker spaniels ... and I think that babble ball and bubble blower would be just perfect for them! Let me see if these toys or something similar is available at the pet shops here.

      Why do all dogs I have known till now hate vacuum cleaners?