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Dog Collar Fashion Trends for Your Pooch

Updated on February 21, 2010

More than just a way to control, restrain or identify a dog, a dog collar is also a fashion statement and a means of expressing individuality and there are dog collars in many styles, patterns, colors and designs to enable any dog to be at the height of fashion wherever they go.

Hawaiian prints, florals and prints that follow a particular theme are also stylish canine wear. There are seasonal dog collars as well, with butterflies and flowers for spring, beach themes for summer time, pretty colorful leaves for autumn wear and snowflake designs for the winter time. Whatever the season or reason, there are dog collars to ensure that every dog is always in style.

Flickr image by Coral11
Flickr image by Coral11
Looking Cool in their New Leather Collars
Looking Cool in their New Leather Collars

Just like people enjoy wearing different styles and colors of clothing, to express a mood, compliment their coloring, suit a season or display Holiday spirit, dogs also enjoy being stylish because of all the extra attention they receive when they are dressed in their best.

Depending on the one you choose, a leather can be a very trendy style. They are available in many colors, can be flat or rolled leather, and can be decorated with fancy stitching or adorned with an endless variety of studs. Studded varieties include spikes and rhinestones, as well as plethora of other designs. 

Native American Print
Native American Print

An embroidered dog collar is great for identification purposes and would fall into the functional style category. These collars can be embroidered with anything from a name and phone number to a sports symbol, a hunting theme, or any number of fashionable patterns. Embroidered collars come in many colors as well as widths and buckle systems.

Although stripes and polka dots are still in a rhinestone dog collar is all the rage for classy dogs. The tough look is also popular so a heavy leather dog collar with spikes would be a great choice for the rough and rugged type.

You can also find snakeskin, zebra or leopard prints, or if you prefer look for gingham, striped or spotted. Any of these designs can elevate the look of your pampered pooch.

For a real classy "run-way" look you may want to choose a designer dog collar from one of the well known designer labels such as Louis Vuitton or Coach. These collars usually have form over function and are built on the premise that a collar needs to transcend mere collar status to offer an attractive and unique look.

flickr by Greenkozi
flickr by Greenkozi

Even if you have a large breed and need to you other types, such as a dog chain or prong collar there still room to show your flair for fashion.

A dog collar plays an important role in keeping a pet in style with the latest fashion trends in dog wear. A fashion statement is always attractive, no matter which style the statement uses. You may find that you wind up purchasing multiple styles for your pup to wear at different times.

A dog wearing a fancy dog collar can walk proudly among its peers. You can find many fashioned after the latest styles which will allow your pooch to strut around tow n in the hottest doggie fashion trends.

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